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Jul 8, 2005 02:42 PM

3-ingredient cookbooks

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I'd love to get some opinions of Rozanne Gold's 1-2-3 series cookbooks from hounds who have tried the recipes. They sound too good to be true. TIA

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  1. I love Rozanne Gold's 1-2-3- cookbooks. The concept is truly inventive and the recipes actually produce lovely and delicious dishes. Get the first one in the series and take it from there. Gold's cookbooks really show that you don't need lots of ingredients to put together a good healthy meal.

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      Thanks. I heard her talking about the newest book in the series (low carb I think) and was curious.

    2. As a disclaimer, I don't own any of those cookbooks, and haven't tried any of the recipes.

      But, on leafing through one of the books before discarding it, but reaction was: I may not be a great cook, but if something is so basic and simple that it only has three ingredients, either I don't need a cookbook for it, or else it's in another cookbook I already own.

      1. I strongly suggest you take a look at one in a bookstore first and read through a few recipes in their entirety. I don't own any of them, but a while back I was looking at one (maybe a healthy cooking one?) and what I saw was that, yes, all recipes only have 3 ingredients, but you might end up processing those 3 ingredients in a lot of different ways, so the recipes are not necessarily quick or easy. For example, one ingredient might be tomatoes. Some of those tomatoes might be chopped, others may need to be skinned, seeded, and pureed for a sauce. Thus, it seemed (to me, anyway, at the time) that a lot of extra fussiness came about as a result of trying to stick to an artificial limit of only 3 ingredients. But again, this was a while ago, so you should definitely check it out for yourself.

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          Hmmm. Thank you for the excellent advice.

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