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May 19, 2005 10:16 PM

sprouting onions

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i have a big beautiful onion sprounting on my kitchen windowsill - it's got about 6 7-to-8 inch tendrils, but i'm afraid they're starting to brown. how can i save my sprouting onion? plant it? i have a notorious brown thumb - are onions hard to grow?

any tips are much appreciated!


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  1. You should plant it leaving only a small amount of the green exposed - outside, in the ground not a pot, if possible. They are fairly easy to grow as is sprouting garlic.

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      But...onions are biennial plants. Which means once it has gone through one season and formed a bulb (which yours has) the second season will put it into flowering mode. So if you do plant it, first you'll get some foliage but then it will send up a rather stiff stalk and a not-so-gorgeous flower thingy. The bulb itself will begin to disintegrate. After that, it's game over for the original onion - it's all about the seeds now.