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May 16, 2005 10:43 PM

L.A. Chowhound Moves Up In Jeopardy Tournament Of Champions

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L.A.'s Jerome advanced to the semi-finals in the Jeopardy Tournament Of Champions that aired tonight and walked away with a $32,200.00 payday. Jerome was given the first question of the evening which happened to be a restaurant related question, but could not come up with the answer, which was "What is the Olive Garden".

It figures that a real Chowhound would not have a clue as to what The Olive Garden is.

According to the on air promos Jerome should be back another evening this week to play in the semi-final round.


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  1. Way to go, Jerome. Even with an insurmountable lead, he still went for the final question and scored. Very cool.

    1. What was the answer to the question "What is the Olive Garden"? My guess is "a bad imitation of a restaurant."

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      1. re: Peter

        I forget the name of the category, but all of the responses had "Olive" in them.

        The "answer" had something to do with the "restaurant where everyone is family" or whatever their slogan is this week.

      2. You know, being a resident poster on the L.A. board for all this time, I've taken a lot of suggestions and garnered a lot of knowledge on Chinese food from Jerome. He knew about the specialities of each region, obscure facts, etc. I assumed that I was getting all this great information from a Chinese dude, possibly a Chinese restaurateur. He knew a lot about the foods of other cultures as well, but it was his expertise on all things Chinese that impressed me.

        I had no idea that Jerome is caucasian until now!

        Let alone a Jeopardy champion!

        Come to think of it, it now makes perfect sense! Simply put, he knows about everything! And we as Chowhounds are lucky to have him!

        Congrats Jerome! And gung ho!

        1. Jerome won part one of a semi-finals game on the show that aired tonight, he returns on the show airing tomorrow to meet the same two opponents, then the person with the highes combined winnings (tonight and tomorrow) goes on to the finals to play against Ken Jennings and one other semi-finals winner.

          Way to go Jerome!