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New "Premium" Saran Wrap with Cutter from Hell

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Is anyone but me annoyed that the geniuses at S. C. Johnson have ruined Saran Wrap by adding a razor-like cutter on the box? I was a faithful devotee of regular Saran Wrap. It always performed great, never stuck to itself. I had no problems pulling out the wrap and with a flick of my wrist cutting it against the serrated edge of the box. Now I have to hunch over the box, lining up my plastic wrap exactly right and forcefully sliding the cutter through the wrap to make it cut. At least 50 percent of the time the wrap catches in the cutter and bunches up into accordion pleats so that it's impossible to cut and I have to throw it away.

Although I must say with the poor performance of the cutter I'm having to go through much more wrap which may be the objective on the part of the nice folks at S. C. Johnson.

Anyhow, I'm one pissed-off mama and have to strike Saran from my regular shopping list. What do the Chowhounds recommend as an alternative?

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  1. I am in a deeper degree of hell than you right now...

    After wrestling with the cutter for two months, yesterday it popped off into the depths of our pantry, leaving me no way to cut my Saran Wrap except with a scissors. Or perhaps I could gnaw it apart with my teeth.

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      hey, that happened to me too, about a week ago when the roll was still half full. i was wondering if that was a common occurence or if i was using the cutter improperly. now i know.

    2. Can you place the roll of saran wrap in an old box with the serrated cutter?

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      1. re: Grace
        Barham Turner

        I think it would be possible to use an old box, but I didn't save one, not knowing that it was the end of an era.

        Maybe there's a black market in old, serrated-edge Saran Wrap boxes starting up. I'll check eBay.

      2. I got some Reynold's Wrap brand plastic with a similar mechanism and I really dig it. So much nicer for me than a little serated piece of aluminium to cut myself on.

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        1. re: Becky

          I agree with Becky that it is much safer, although annoying. The company probably wanted to avoid liability for people gashing their hands when they reach into the drawer.

          1. re: parkslopemama

            THAT explains it. Liability!

            Personally, I hate that thing.

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            Make a mental note to buy Reynolds. You don't have to "install" the cutter yourself, and it works like a charm. I love the new cutter. The Saran is a nightmare. I find it fascinating from a business perspective that two companies could go after the same idea and one could execute it so, so much better than the other. Like night and day difference.

          3. Got one of those "built-in" plastic wrap thingies - the plastic case that you install under your cupboards and fill with a large roll of wrap. Love it. Refill the holder maybe once a year with wrap from Costco and it's always right there when you need it. Plastic cutter is a bit lame, but it works ok.

            1. Your post is too funny, Fri. afternoon after reaching for my second box (first was ruined) of Saran wrap and finding the zipper off the box I was incensed. I actually grabbed the box and fired off an email to the company ranting!!! Of course they responded right away and are sending me a coupon for a free box of something or other. I happen to be a diehard Saran wrap person but now....why do companies have to keep messing with things that worked in the first place??????Glad I am not alone!!

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              1. re: 4chowpups

                "....why do companies have to keep messing with things that worked in the first place??????"

                They have too many vice presidents in their Marketing Dept.

                1. re: Sharuf

                  More likely too many lawyers in their legal department.

              2. Ever since I found Stretch Tight plastic wrap no other brand has entered my house. Costco carries it, I used to make my mother go to Stuart Fine Foods in Stuart, Fl and send it to me or bring it when she was coming to visit. It is the best!

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                1. re: Candy

                  I agree- Stretch Tite is the best. Here in the Boston area it is available at BJ's, as well as the local supermarkets. But it is one of those items which is surprisingly cheaper to buy at the supermarket, rather than BJ's.

                  1. re: macca

                    People who like Premium Saran (Im one)won't go for stretch-tite.

                    Its a completely different product. The Saran is distinct from all the stretchy plastic wraps - in addition to being less stretchy and sticky, it is significantly more airtight. Good for microwaving where I dont feel comfortable with the melty stretch wraps.

                2. This cutter that slides across the plastic wrap is the result of endless injuries in restaurants. If I'm not mistaken, the cutter on the old style boxes of plastic wrap accounted for more work comp claims than anything else. If an employee dropped the box of wrap and tried to catch it (which is the naturally relexive thing to do) the cuts were horrible. In our restaurant, one of our employees actually had to have surgery because of the old style cutter. We love the new slide thing. Much safer!

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                    i'm surprised that restaurants buy a retail version of saran wrap - i'd have thought there'd be version that was a bigger roll for restaurants and catering. i, for one, hate the new premium saran wrap. :-(

                    1. re: mondaybox

                      We do buy huge rolls of generic plastic wrap. They always have the new cutter which is a very safe improvement. Wish foil came with something similar. That blade is nasty.

                      1. re: Kanga

                        No. The stupid thing keeps falling off and getting lost or whatever. Then you have to refit it. I hate it. And I'm not a hater.
                        I left the restaurant business a few years ago but I still go to a restaurant supply store for plastic wrap and foil for my home. I have real anger problems trying to use supermarket plastic wrap. A large roll costs about $9 and lasts me around 15 months. I use plastic wrap a lot because it seems marginally less wastefull than ziplocks. I very highly advise this to everyone. But not even my friends do it.

                  2. I must be in the minority... I love the new cutters. I was always scratching myself with the old razor teeth kind, or I would be able to tear part off and the other half would get stuck.

                    1. I have to agree. I use Reynolds Wrap and they did the same thing. I HATE it. It was so much easier with the metal cutter. Same problems, the stupid slide thing takes longer to use, then bunches it up. I wrote to Reynolds as well and ranted.

                      1. I cant stress more, WRITE TO THE COMPANY. Ever since SC Johnson bought this (probably for the brand name) they have mishandled it. Keep complaining, please!

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                        1. re: jen kalb
                          torta basilica

                          Planet Feedback is a great place to complain - I've always gotten results even when writing the company directly didn't work.

                          Link: http://www.planetfeedback.com/

                        2. It took me a few days to get used to it but now I like it much, much, better.

                          Bunching and other problems are caused by rushing and not taking the one second to make sure the plastic lies flat before trying to cut. If you take the additional second and relax it works quite well.

                          It is much safer and a cleaner cut than the old dangerous saw edge cutters which cause such a large amount of kitchen injuries.

                          1. OH MY GOD!!!! You just described my weekend.

                            I was trying to wrap up leftovers from a couple of dinners and a BBQ and felt like an idiot trying to use that cutter!!!

                            I think they need to reconfigure that.

                            1. With my last box of wrap with the sawtooth strip, the dang metal thing fell off the box, leaving me to have to cope using kitchen scissors and curses.

                              Then I got the new zip style box, and unless I'm very very careful, I end of with big crumple of plastic. It's enough to make one go back to wax paper.

                              1. >>>At least 50 percent of the time the wrap catches in the cutter and bunches up into accordion pleats so that it's impossible to cut and I have to throw it away.


                                1. Why is it that the average hungover college kid that many restaurants employee can use this thing and the intelligent people who post to this board can't?? Pull out however much wrap you need. Use your left arm/hand to keep it taught and slide the cutter with the right hand. This just isn't difficult!

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                                  1. re: Kanga

                                    Wish this "intelligent" person could spell! Meant "employ," not employee. Duh...

                                    1. re: Kanga

                                      "Use your left arm/hand to keep it taught and slide the cutter with the right hand."

                                      In this instance, it's also spelled "taut". :-)

                                      However, in keeping with the complaints about this new cutter, I will probably not buy Saran Wrap anymore either, if this type of cutter is on it. Haven't liked them on other packages where they're supposed to cut things more easily, and I definitely won't like it on Saran. When the Saran I have runs out, I'm probably moving on to Reynolds Wrap plastic film...unless I remember to keep the current box.

                                      1. re: Linda W.

                                        Double duh- I should only post in the morning. I can correctly use the English language. I really can, I swear. ;))

                                  2. i hate it too. i have a box here and rarely use it, should just ditch. i am a recent convert to glad "press n' seal." i love it. doesn't work in every situation one would need saran wrap for, but most of them.

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                                    1. re: mondaybox

                                      I use Stretch tite instead of saran wrap, but I also like the Press and Seal. I put it on top of the bowl before putting on the cover when I bring salads or dishes to a cook outs. Recently found another great use- a family member recently had arm surgery, and could not get the site wet for two weeks. Every morning before I left for work, I would wrap the entire arm in press and seal- and the patient was able to shower with no problem, kepping the site completly dry!! It also was easy to remove.

                                    2. b
                                      Barham Turner

                                      Just an addendum, I figured out why the new Saran Wrap cutter doesn't work, at least for me. It requires three hands.

                                      One hand to hold the box. One to extend the wrap and hold it taut. And one to slide the cutter.

                                      Anyway, thanks for all the good advice. I think I will head to Smart & Final to check out the restaurant wrap. And I will write to S. C. Johnson -- thanks for the Planet Feedback lead.