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May 15, 2005 08:18 AM

The Chowhound Guide

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I live in Union, N.J. and have been unable to get this book at Barnes and Noble. They claim that since it is about New York, they don't carry it in N.J. Which is ridiculous since the book is about the New York area in general which includes N.J., or at least north jersey. Do you know of any bookstores in Union County that carry this book?

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  1. Hi John,

    Did you try phoning the various B&N and Borders stores in the area? Perhaps the big stores in the Edison area.

    The NJ material in the book is mostly Middlesex, Bergen, Hudson, and Essex counties. Also some bits in Warren, Somerset, Morris, Monmouth.

    It's a really fun read. Definitely a book to keep in the car. Would be a great gift for anyone who drives around the tri-state area. I will definitely carry it whenever I visit the city.

    I ordered my copy from Amazon and it arrived in two days. Also, you can ask your local bookstore to order it for you. Just a hunch... Bookends in Ridgewood might have it... 201/445-0726
    You might also check the Towne Books in Westfield. (908) 233-3535



    1. It's ridiculous that they would tell you that. I bought the New York/Tri-state guide in a bookstore in San Francisco (not B&N). It's a guidebook. Will they tell you you have to go to their Paris store to buy a Paris guidebook?


      1. Rather than trying the big stores, I'd recommend the small stores.

        Instead of the big chains, I always recommend supporting small independent bookstores. They will actually appreciate your business and will usually be happy to order something for you.

        1. I too ordered my copy from Price was VERY good, got my order up to $25.00 on two other titles I wanted anyway but was too lazy to go out and get (I DETEST shopping), so the "super saver" shipping fee was cancelled, no tax--and best of all, as did the previous poster, got it in TWO days!

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            David Feldman

            Any Barnes & Noble and virtually every bookstore will be happy to special order any book that is in print. If the book is available in a local warehouse (as the NY Chowhound book undoubtedly would be), it should only take a day or two to receive it.

            B&N (and Borders) tracks these kinds of special orders, and if there are enough of them, it might lead to them ordering the book as regular stock.

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              Thanks all, for your help