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May 12, 2005 11:28 AM

Cost per 1000 calories

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Somehow yesterday I got on the kick of trying to figure out how much certain foods cost per 1000 calories. I'm sure there are some good tables of this out there but I couldn't find them with a quick Google. This was originally in the context of how "expensive" it was to eat multiple $1.00 powerbars to get 240 calories each for a 32 mile bike commute home (which burns 1200 calories), versus one gallon of gas to drive it.

Here are some of my quickie results, based on some supermarket pricing and calorie counts:

Flour, $0.019 per oz, 108 cals, $0.18 / 1000 cals
Corn Oil, $0.051 per oz, 240 cals, $0.21 / 1000 cals
Sugar, $0.025 per oz, 110 cals, $0.23 / 1000 cals
Rice, $0.026 per oz, 104 cals, $0.25 / 1000 cals
Peanuts, $2 / lb bulk, 161 cals per oz, $0.77 / 1000 cals
Ground beef 80%, $.15/oz, 75 cals, $2.00 / 1000 cals
Cheddar Cheese, $4 / lb, 100 cals, $2.50 / 1000 cals.

I didn't get into fast foods, processed foods, things like fruit and veggies which are more expensive. Obviously it would take many many $$$ of romaine lettuce to give 1000 calories. Obviously no nutrition benefit is taken into account either.


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  1. Interesting.

    Your job must be even more boring than mine, because I spent part of my day yesterday figuring out how many calories/carbs one consumed at Fatburger in a sitting, and how much you paid per gram of fat.

    Gawd this is a boring job.