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Food names

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While picking my daughter up from school today, her class was going through the alphabet and naming foods for each letter.

There were two letters that they could not come up with any food - U & X.

I have been searching and could not come up with anything. I turn to you for help. A food that starts with the letter U or the letter X.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. sea URCHIN
    Uglee fruit (not sure how it's spelled, but it does start with a U)

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    1. re: Dorothy
      babette feasts

      oooo, urchin, good one!

      and unagi

    2. b
      babette feasts

      ugli fruit
      xanthan gum (not a food in itself)

      Consulting the food lovers' companion:

      udo (japanese vegetable), udon (japanese noodles), umeboshi (japanese pickled plums), upside-down cake

      xxx sugar/10x sugar(powdered sugar)

      1. Udon

        Xiao long bao (Chinese soup dumplings)

        1. a
          Amin (London Foodie ''OrientRice@aol.com'')

          Udo: Japanese form of Aralia or Ivy which have edible

          Usquebaugh: Whiskey

          Xerophagy: Derived from ancient Greece, referring to
          the eating of dry foods such as bread
          vegetable and water as a form of fasting
          *(water is technically not a dry substance, you can
          figure out the ancient greeks for it).

          Xeres: Same as Jerez or Sherry wine.

          Xylopia: Genus of trees or shrubs of the custard apple

          This is fun -Ask your daughter if we can have some
          more alphabets please.


          1. I'm so glad you posted this! I'm in a scrabble group that has a potluck every (monthly) meeting. We all bring something that begins with the letter we drew the month before. Every time I draw a letter I cross my fingers against the "x". I won't have to do that anymore! (I made an upside down cake when I drew a "u")

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            1. re: mirage
              Amin (London Foodie ''OrientRice@aol.com'')

              So next time you draw a ''U'' in your monthly
              scrabble take a bottle of Usquebaugh or of
              Xerxes for an 'X'. No need to cook.

              It could prove to be extremely interesting if you
              have both genders in your scrabble club.

              1. re: mirage

                Xanthoxylum piperitum - the botanical name for Szechuan pepper (sometimes spelled with a z)

              2. From "Food" by Waverley Root, a book that belongs in the library of every serious Foodie:

                udder: apparently used by some to adulterate mousse de foie gras

                ulloco: a tuber eaten only in western South America

                umber: a European grayling (fish)

                umbles: internal organs, principally of deer, and the origin of the term 'umble pie

                umbrella tree: fruit of which is eaten in the Congo

                um khirr: a seed eaten in Sudan

                umkokolo apple: found in California

                unicorn fish: native to the Red Sea

                unicorn plant: native to the American southwest, which provides edible seed pods

                unicorn root: a bitter food eaten by American indians

                urhur: a pea grown in Egypt that has been found in 24th Century B.C. Egyptian tombs

                Root's book is conspicuously deficient in "X" foods, listing only two, and only then by their scientific genus names:

                Xanthocephalus: the yellow-headed blackbird, of questionable culinary interest

                Xanthosoma: closely related to taro.

                  1. Xiao hong dou = sweet red bean paste
                    Xiao hong dou baozi = sweet red bean paste buns, available in every Asian freezer section in the country

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                    1. re: Das Ubergeek
                      mandarin speaker

                      Actually, xian hong dou = little (small) red bean.

                      1. re: mandarin speaker

                        Absolutely true... but I don't often hear people refer to xiao hong dou sha, usually they just abbreviate it (and often they leave off the "xiao" too, so you get "hong dou" = "red beans").

                      1. re: kc girl

                        All I can think of is quince and quiche.

                        Does quarter pounder w/ cheese count? :-P

                        1. re: kc girl


                          Quaker Oats (?)
                          quinine water

                          1. re: kc girl
                            Amin (London Foodie ''OrientRice@aol.com'')

                            HI kc girl,
                            Q was not called for by the OP, however here goes:

                            Quahog: An edible Venus mollusc also known as round
                            clam found along the North Atlantic coast.

                            Quail: Small bird of partridge family
                            Quails eggs: A delicacy served with salads.
                            Quart: The fourth part of a gallon or two pints (1.14

                            Quartern loaf: A 4 lb. loaf as is made from a quarter
                            of a stone of flour.

                            Queasy: Uneasy, sick, causing nausea viz. a queasy stomach.

                            Quenelle: An oval ball of chicken, meat, yoghurt, ice-
                            cream sorbet etc., that is gently forced into shape
                            between two spoons. Normally the spoons are pre-dipped
                            into warm water.

                            Quetsch: Variety of plum, or brandy of it.

                            Quiche: Shell of savoury pastry filled with custard &

                            Quid: Something chewed or kept in the mouth such as

                            Quiddany: Confection of quince juice & sugar.
                            Quiddity: Goodness or essence of anything, including
                            any trifling nicety.

                            Quince: A golden pear shaped, fragrant, acid fruit
                            Useful in jellies & marmalades.

                            Quinnat: King Salmon

                            Quinoa:South American goosefoot, used as rice seeds or
                            spinach leaves.

                            Quinquagesima: Shrove Sunday counted as 50days before
                            Easter Sunday.

                            Quinsy-berry: Blackcurrant

                            Quintal: A measurement used in olden times for food
                            grains still used in India, Pakistan & many
                            other countries. Previously equated to a
                            hundredweight, but now one quintal equates to
                            100 kilograms.

                            Quintessence: The pure concentrated essence of
                            anything or the most essential part or
                            embodiment of something viz.

                            Any more ?
                            PS: What is the story behind Humbolt (sp) fog ?
                            I heard this the first time from you and it has
                            come up on a recent thread elsewhere.

                            you can send me an email or post a new thread incase
                            the CH team think it to be obscene on the non-food
                            board. :-)

                            Best Wishes

                            1. re: Amin (London Foodie ''OrientRice@aol.com'')

                              Thanks, I was going through the alphabet on my own and wondered what the kids in her child's class actually came up with.

                              I didn't think of a one in a minute!

                              Thanks all.

                              1. re: Amin (London Foodie ''OrientRice@aol.com'')

                                Hi Amin,
                                I should have though quickly of Quenelle, Quiche, and Quinoa - and quintessential (though its maybe a food term, not an edible substance).

                                Humbodlt Fog cheese is a name brand from the gal at a creamery in Humboldt County where I visited last August. I was really impressed with the quality of eats I had while there, so posted on CH.

                                Then, I learned they also serve Humboldt Fog cheese in New York's Grammercy Tavern and Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach, CA, probably lots of other places. I'm not a cheese afficienado, but that area by the Arcata airport has some interesting places! California coastline lured Mary Keehn to Humboldt County where she established Cypress Grove Chèvre in 1984. I stayed in Eureka, but enjoyed many areas in the locale, including Ferndale. Beautiful area, especially among the people I was with. We stopped by one guy's house to visit and picked a few blackberries in the yard while we talked about relandscaping. Glad I wore a long sleeved jeans jacket! Ouchy thorns! It was fun to really say "Hey that's was a sweet one", or Hmmmmm and smile at each other with one bite or another. Nothing mindless about picking blackberries and eating them then. Could have had some cheese in the fridge that would have been good with them. Another day.

                            2. xmas cookies?

                              1. Urad dal

                                1. From the Yucatan:

                                  Xac(spice mixture)
                                  Xcatic chiles
                                  Xnipek(Dog's snout salsa--no actual dog in the salsa, just hot enough to make your nose run like a dog's)
                                  Xol-Chon(jicama-orange salad)

                                  1. xocolate--the original 16th century spelling for chocolate (and current spelling in Catalan).

                                    Comes from a hispanified Nahuatl word: xocolatl.

                                    1. Umngqusho - Nelson Mandela's favourite! It's a Xhosa dish, consisting of samp and beans (Samp is what I think Americans call hominy). It's a staple part of Xhosa diet.

                                      Just don't ask me to pronounce it. That click always kills me...