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May 10, 2005 10:05 PM

Food names

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While picking my daughter up from school today, her class was going through the alphabet and naming foods for each letter.

There were two letters that they could not come up with any food - U & X.

I have been searching and could not come up with anything. I turn to you for help. A food that starts with the letter U or the letter X.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. sea URCHIN
    Uglee fruit (not sure how it's spelled, but it does start with a U)

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    1. re: Dorothy
      babette feasts

      oooo, urchin, good one!

      and unagi

    2. b
      babette feasts

      ugli fruit
      xanthan gum (not a food in itself)

      Consulting the food lovers' companion:

      udo (japanese vegetable), udon (japanese noodles), umeboshi (japanese pickled plums), upside-down cake

      xxx sugar/10x sugar(powdered sugar)

      1. Udon

        Xiao long bao (Chinese soup dumplings)

        1. a
          Amin (London Foodie '''')

          Udo: Japanese form of Aralia or Ivy which have edible

          Usquebaugh: Whiskey

          Xerophagy: Derived from ancient Greece, referring to
          the eating of dry foods such as bread
          vegetable and water as a form of fasting
          *(water is technically not a dry substance, you can
          figure out the ancient greeks for it).

          Xeres: Same as Jerez or Sherry wine.

          Xylopia: Genus of trees or shrubs of the custard apple

          This is fun -Ask your daughter if we can have some
          more alphabets please.


          1. I'm so glad you posted this! I'm in a scrabble group that has a potluck every (monthly) meeting. We all bring something that begins with the letter we drew the month before. Every time I draw a letter I cross my fingers against the "x". I won't have to do that anymore! (I made an upside down cake when I drew a "u")

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            1. re: mirage
              Amin (London Foodie '''')

              So next time you draw a ''U'' in your monthly
              scrabble take a bottle of Usquebaugh or of
              Xerxes for an 'X'. No need to cook.

              It could prove to be extremely interesting if you
              have both genders in your scrabble club.

              1. re: mirage

                Xanthoxylum piperitum - the botanical name for Szechuan pepper (sometimes spelled with a z)