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May 5, 2005 05:04 PM

mean waiters

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In case any of the people who responded to my post on the NYC OUter Boroughs board are reading: OF COURSE I spoke up when the waiter removed my wine glass, and of course I did not leave 20%! It has nothing to do with being a Brooklyn girl; I have worked and dined in enough restaurants to know what constitutes good or bad service. Besides I am just a nice person who believes in the Golden Rule. I think this guy just doesn't know how to relate to people, and it is evident in the way he does his job.

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  1. I looked at your original post. Mean? Really? If you've worked in restaurants then you know that cruddy service isn't an indication of meanness, it's just an indication of a waiter who's not good at what he does. Tip (or don't) accordingly, talk to a manager on your way out, and don't take it so personally. Is there more to this that you didn't tell us about? Really, no waiter actually wants to screw up his or her tip.