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May 5, 2005 01:42 AM

James Beard Awards 2005 announced May 2nd

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Nominees were announced about one month ago, and award winners were announced at the ceremony and reception on May 2nd. See link for list of nominees w/ stars next to winners. Some include photos and clips of acceptance speech. Note the extensive dinner menu on the left margin. Sounds like an amazing dinner.

Breezing through, I noted: Mario Batali won All-Clad best chef; Jonathan Gold for journalism piece; Per Se for best new restaurant. Batali (in snazzy bow tie) looked gratefully emotional during his speech. No picture of J. Gold (darn!). Per Se was not a surprise.

Looks like one can buy a ticket to attend the dinner. Did any hounds attend the Oscars of the food world this year? Just curious...


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