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really bad food puns for your puzzling enjoyment...

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I’ve been debating whether or not to post this here, but finally figured why not – a break from the more practical food related topics on this board . . .

So a while back, someone posted a link to a menu from the Los Angeles Public Library’s Menu Database. It was for a church dinner in 1900 that this small town's men cooked and all the dishes listed on the menu were puns or riddles. Hounds on the LA board got together and figured out most of the clues – I’ve included a link to that start of the puzzle in that thread.

A friend and I threw a dinner party a couple months ago – and while we acknowledged that it was an overwhelmingly geeky thing to do – we translated our menu into puns for our guests to figure out before dinner. We did not plan the menu around the puns and rhymes (maybe they would have been better if we had). The puns fall into the awful rather than awfully clever category. While not as offensive as the original menu, your eyes may roll. Rhymes matter a lot. Each phrase/line is a different dish. Maybe some of the puns and rhymes are a stretch. Our guests had mixed success figuring them out (and there were people with advanced degrees present - the ability to figure out puns, at least ours, does not correlate to academic smarts). Oh and the main course included an alternate main dish for someone with dietary restrictions.

If there’s any interest, I’ll post the answers in a few days.


Believe, be live – however you say it, it’s best grilled
Black gold’s tarty cousin
1…2…3…, 1…2…3…, keep those feet salty and sweet
A wild goose on a bender
!!! Musical wunderkind found in barn with the milkmaid !!!
This Phyllis could double you up and curdle your milk
What grows in the dark, as the days grow longer, without Viagra?
Dr. Atkin’s dread

Main Course

A not-so-sweet German from Frankfurt with loot making a break for Chattanooga
Mr.J’s prey comes out of yesterday’s news
The green Irish toiled with their fingers to get eyes


Where’s my hot patootie?
With the Big Bopper!

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  1. I didn't want you to think you are being ignored, but I'm at a total loss.

    Let's see:
    Believe be live is reminiscent of tomato to mah to, but are they really better grilled? Potatoes? Po tah toes?

    Black gold is oil. Its tarty cousin? butter? Butter pie? Or is black gold caviar?

    The phyllis thing-- dill and lemon something?

    growing in the dark-- mushrooms?

    Dr. atkin's dread? Carbs? I doubt you had an app named "Carbs". Bread? Or a sidewalk slip n fall? I guess that's not edible.

    How did your guests do, figuring these out????