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May 4, 2005 02:57 PM

Do you tip for takeout?

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Someone in front of me was picking up her order and her bill was $10.. she left the waitress a $1 tip. I don't normally tip for takeout so it got me wondering whether I should be tipping the waitress. It was my turn to pay for my order which came to a little over $8 and I was waiting for my change when the waitress asked me if I wanted it. And I told her she can keep it. I left her about a 20% tip! (It was a bar/sit-down restaurant type place, if that matters.)

Since when do you tip for takeout that you picked up yourself???

Also, a lot of times I charge my meals at delis. There's always a tip line but I never put anything in. They don't have tip jars out and I wouldn't have tipped if I paid in cash anyway, so I don't when I charge... am I supposed to?

Am I wrong for not tipping in these situations?

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  1. I don't tip for takeout. Never occured to me to do so.

    1. I tip for take-out only because I used to wait tables and usually it's a server, taken away from their table, that has to put it all together and bring it out to you.

      They'd be thrilled with a buck. What's it gonna hurt to make someone happy?

      1. Please see the 867 other threads on this topic, all of of which have, after much heated discussion, come to the same conclusions:

        --Some people tip for takeout; some don't
        --If you want to, you should; if you don't, you shouldn't

        But, hey, feel free to hash this one out again...

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        1. re: Rico Pan

          Lighten up dude. I just did a search for "takeout" and this was the only thread that came up.

          1. re: Janet
            Bob Martinez

            The Not About Food board was recently pruned. Threads used to be available that extended back for 3 or 4 years. Tipping, takeout included, has been discussed many, many times before. Rico Pan is a long time poster and he's seen lots of these.

            1. re: Bob Martinez

              But yet again, Bob, it goes back to *how* things are said, and Rico's post was very dismissive towards the original poster!

              I recall the last several long tipping threads, but had forgotten they were deleted to bring the NAF board down to a manageable size. If Rico Pan's a longtime poster, perhaps he could have said there have been many posts before on this topic, but ***the threads have been deleted to make some more room***, but the gist of it was that some people tip because they want to, some don't because they don't want to.

              The snide tone in his post was uncalled for, IMO.

              1. re: Linda W.
                Bob Martinez

                "If Rico Pan's a longtime poster, perhaps he could have said there have been many posts before on this topic, but ***the threads have been deleted to make some more room***"

                As long as we're cutting people slack, lets give some to Rico. Maybe he didn't know that the old threads were deleted. As far as I know the NAF board is the only place where outright deletion has occurred, not just archiving. There was no public notice given and it happened less than a month ago.

                As for his tone, I would suspect it's the result of seeing the same threads play out in the same way too many times. That type of stuff can make you cranky. I had to edit my own original post twice to take out the snippy stuff. :-)

          2. re: Rico Pan

            uh. i did a ctrl-F on "tip" and there was no thread about tipping for takeout.

            i did the google search on "tip takeout" which returned a decent thread with 19 responses. And that was in the Manhattan board from 2001. you might be a bit off with the 867.

            1. re: ivie

              This is a very common topic, but the Not About Food Board had its archives deleted a couple of weeks ago. If you stay around long enough and visit frequently enough, you will discover many topics repeat themselves. I usually don't read/respond to the tip threads, but I am waiting for tech support to call and need something to do.

              I tip for almost everything. I used to work for tips. I remember how I felt when I received a tip, and I usually like the response I get when giving a tip.

              1. re: ivie

                The reason you cannot find a lot of posts on tips= whether it be for take out, tip jars, fine dining or neighborhood joints- is because almost all of them get deleted. People seem to have really strong opinions on tipping, and the topic usually sinks to sarcasm- then the thread is deleted. Will be interesting to see how ling this thread lasts.

                Just to keep it on topic- I do tip at takeouts

            2. I DO tip for take-out especially when it's from a sit-down restaurant. It seems to me that there's a server who is taking time from tip-producing serving to make sure my order is right and then pack it up for me, and I think that's worthy of a tip. I generally leave something like 10% or a bit less, depending on the specifics. Sometimes the same person takes the order and turns it in to the kitchen. In many restauarants, where they use expeditors and runners, the server doesn't do a whole lot more for sit-down dining.

              In response to the other portion of this topic....... there have been many, many topics on this subject, even within the past few months. One particularly relevant point brought up sometimes, is that most restauarants report tips to the IRS based on a server's gross sales, so if your take-out order is handled by a server, that person could be having withholding taken on your order and not seeing a dime. Something to think about.

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              1. re: Midlife

                Would you feel any differently about it if the order were handled, as I often find to be the case, not by a server but by the person, host or hostess, whose duties include answering the phone and greeting customers as they enter?

                1. re: MDekay

                  Probably wouldn't feel quite as obliged to tip, because a host/hostess is generally paid a higher hourly rate or is sometimes salaried. Servers make minimum wage or, in some cases, a really low hourly amount and depend much more on tips.

                  In that circumstance I make a decision based on whether I think there has been a real service performed for which I can say thank you with a tip. For example, in some places you walk in and your order is brought out already bagged up from the kitchen. I think I might not tip in that situation because I don't feel the tip is going to the person that gave the service. May be off-base there, but that's an honest asssessment.

              2. Don't do it.