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May 2, 2005 01:25 PM

Calling TEQUILA lovers!!!

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The wife is taking me to a restaurant with a fine tequila selection this week for my birthday. What I would like is to do is ask my tequila loving hermanos y hermanas to check out the link and tell me which one they would pick to drink and why. Please be decriptive. I've had several really good ones in the past and I have enjoyed several of the high end offerings (even went to a tasting once). I pretty much enjoy all tequila so I worry I'm too easy to please. I need your guidance, those of you who also worship at the altar of the agave. I am 50% Mexican, and, alas, whenever I swallow tequila, it's like the prodigal son returning home. He's a bad kid, but this is where he belongs, and now let's slay that fatted calf.

The site breaks down tequilas into highlands and lowlands and is a bit overwhelming. Help me.


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  1. I don't have time to be overly descriptive but for a moderately priced one that is sort of hard to find - Sammy Hagar's own Cabo Wabo Anejo. (it's the anejo that is hard to find.)Just smooth delicious drinking. Caramelly.

    And, seriously, if you can spring for it -Herradura Selccion Suprema is one of the most amzing liquids on earth. It is like a cognac, smooth, complex, brown sugar. may be aged in sherry casks, can't recall.

    1. Not a tequilla expert (beer is my thing) but I had the pleasure of trying this one a couple of weeks ago. Found a review online :

      DON JULIO 1942

      Yellowish golden hue. Sweet caramel and toffee nose.A very smooth and creamy entry leads to a off-dry, medium body with sweet tobacco leaf, roasted agave, tropical fruits, and brown spices. Finishes beautifully with a long, sweet, agave-fruit-driven fade with a touch of white pepper. A very elegantly made añejo in a refreshing, lighter style.

      A friend of mine who is into tequilla brought it to a party and said it was very good. I have to a agree, this was complex and interesting and I would add vanilla to the aroma and taste description above. Pretty pricey at over $100 a bottle though.

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        I tried either this or the reposado (can't recall unfortunately) last November in Cancun, and concur that it is very good stuff.


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          Whoa. That's $23 a shot. Wife might kill me. But it IS my birthday. What about high end blancos. I enjoy the oakiness of some of the anejos (I've had the Tres Generaciones) but I'd maybe like to try some of the high end blancos, enjoying some cleaner flavors. Though I hasten to add that if there's an oaky anejo that makes anyones knees weak, I want to hear about it too.

        2. Hi joypirate,

          The Bride & I (Philly-based, familiar with Tequila's restaurant) enjoy the good tequilas. We're not tremendously well-versed on the smaller producers, however. You'd be surprised how many of the varieties out there are variations from Jose Curevo.

          Alas, my favorite tequila ("Lapis Anejo") was virtually impossible to find in Cancun last November, very expensive ($110 / 750ml) and virtually unknown in the US. It had a much more complex aroma and flavor than the Patron or Herradura anejos, which are both excellent.

          I would recommend the El Tesoro Anejo. I like the Don Julio Reposado better than the Anejo, it has more of the "earthy" flavor where the flavor of the cactus comes through.

          If they have "Agavero", it is a liquor based on tequila plus damiana flower extract. It is fairly sweet (but still 60 proof) and a good finish to a flight of tequilas.


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          1. re: JugglerDave
            JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

            I had heard some time ago that Lapis is, sadly, no longer in production.

            And to think, my first and only time drinking it was in the best margarita I've ever had in my life...

            1. re: JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

              If that's the case, then sad news. I guess I should savor the last 1/3 of my 200 ml bottle I picked up in November (For the price of $27... Rationalization, it was cheaper than having 2 pours of the stuff at the hotel bar that had it).


          2. My vote is for Patron Anejo. Hints of vanilla, pepper and a subtle smokiness that is sublime.

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              I must heartily concur. Excellent mixed in a margarita on the rocks (not the frozen variety) or for sipping - it is my tequilla of choice.