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Apr 29, 2005 03:17 PM

honeymoon: to tell or not to tell?

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Hi everyone,
I am going on my honeymoon to Europe soon and I've heard both good stories and horror stories about telling servers, managers, hotel staff, etc. that they are on their honeymoon.

Some people have told me that whenever they mention the word "honeymoon", they almost always get better service and/or specialties (ie, dessert on the house, a rose, etc.)

Other people have told me that they get better service, but with a price they weren't expecting. In other words, they take better care of you, but they tack on a hefty extra charge for it.

Any recommendations as to which tactic we should use? If it helps, we're planning on Greece and Italy.

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  1. we went to Alaska and the airline upgraded us to first class from NY when they found out we were on our honeymoon. One restaurant gave us a free dessert and one gave us a bottle of champange on the house. We went on a cruise after a week on land and had a bottle of wine chilling for us when we got to our room. I don't think anyone was expecting anything in return, they were just being nice. I don't know about Greece and Italy as far as them expecting anything, but at least try to get an upgrade on the flights...Have a great wedding and enjoy the honeymoon!!

    1. We went to Sorrento on our 20th anniversary, which happens to be a week ahead of my birthday and 2 weeks before my husbands. We didn't mention anything, but I guess they saw on our passports and left a bottle of the famous lemon liqueur for us, with a "Buon compleano" card, really nice as they did it totally on their own. We couldn't believe how nice everyone was all over Italy, it was wonderful. They kept apologizing a thousand times just because it rained the day we wanted to go to Capri.

      1. We honeymooned in Portugal (20 years ago) and while we did not advertise it was our honeymoon, when people did find out they were always effusive with congratulations. We were toasted with fine port at Bucasso Castle, given a free bottle of Champagne in a restaurant in Obidos, comped our meal in Navarro, etc. (I won't even go into the too much wine that we drank one night with a couple from NY who found out we were honeymooners.) While you should not expect anything, people always want to make your honeymoon special. So I'd say that you should not make a point of mentioning you are on your honeymoon, but do not hide the fact either.