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Apr 28, 2005 10:09 PM

Muesli in bulk?

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I'm hosting a 5 day event and am responsible for daily breakfast for 20 people. We'll be on a tight time schedule, so I'm thinking boiled eggs, toast, fruit, cereal and the like - I'm not planning to really cook. I'm looking for a source for a large amount of muesli or granola somewhere in the NYC area (80-100 cups, haven't calculated yet what that weighs). Anyone have an idea?

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  1. Most Health food stores sell it by the pound: $2.59 or so. LifeThyme in W. Village; Gary Null's Whole Foods UWS; Perelandra in Brooklyn Hts; and what's the name of the place on University Place and like 12th? You could get different flavors of granolas and dry cereals to offer your guests a variety. They have about a dozen.