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Apr 28, 2005 11:34 AM

The Chowhound's Guides, published by Penguin, currently infecting the world!

See much information at link below!


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  1. It must be contagious 'cause I just got my brand new CH Guide to the NY tristate area.

    off to read and soon to eat somewhere new (maybe even in an outerb)

    1. Bravo and congratulations. I'm not wild about the front cover design, but what's between the covers is exciting and tantalizing. This is not just a guide for Chowhounds, but a great gift to recruit new ones.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        You should have seen the covers we rejected. I try to focus on the spine, which makes me happy (Penguin penguin plus our hungry hound).

        Please everyone: review these books on Amazon. Here, you're preaching to the chow choir


        1. re: Jim Leff
          janet of reno

          I just ordered mine today from the Amazon link, Jim. I promise as soon as it comes that I will post a review on Amazon...and that should be soon, as their warehouse is about five miles from our house and we get the books REALLY fast, even with standard shipping......I'm excited, as my friend from Australia arrives Wednesday and she will be heading to SF after she can use the guide!!! You will be able to claim an international readership!