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Apr 26, 2005 11:36 AM

Nutrition values of food software?

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(I hope this is the right place to post this...)
Does anyone know of a program that contains the nutrition values of a wide variety of foods (fat, sodium, calories, carbs and so on) to help a newly diagnosed diabetic keep track? I know I could just make up a spreadsheet and plug in how many ounces of turkey or whatever, but I'm looking for a source of the nutrition information already stored in the program (or even on line). thanks!

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    1. I discovered the web site below recently, it has a very good utililty for calorie counting and nutritional values.


      1. I purchased software from Ohio Distinctive Software. I use it for carb/fat/protein breakdown. My version also has fast foods. I looked at their website, my version has been upgraded. I paid $10 in ~1996-7, it now costs $20.

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          Thr Ohio Distinctive Software is one of teh most comprehensive (and least expensive) software out there and is very accurate.

          Here is a link to a pretty good Fast Food Guide.



          the online version is very good and free. I downloaded the more extensive version for $20.

          the online version has all of your basics (that's stating it mildly) the downloaded version let's you create your own recipes.

          It not only breaks down the fat, calories, protein per day - you can look per week, keep track of your daily vitamins, fiber, etc, keep track of your weight. It's a fantastic tool.

          Good luck!

          1. Be aware that most databases rely on Bowe & Church's "Food Values of Portions Commonly Used", the lastest (18th) edition of which was just released in January 2005. It's the bible of this area, having been around since 1937. It provides a ton more info than many databases carry (for example, it always provides a weight in gram for each thing for which values are given, which is helpful to figure out what a per-volume or per-item translates to with your own stuff; it also specifies, for example, the trim level of meats, etc. -- these things can be very important when keeping a meticulous food diary.)