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Apr 24, 2005 04:30 PM

Eccentric restaurant pratices

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DH and I went to favorite Japanese restaruant two weeks ago. It was one of the worst dining experiences because we were pretty much ignored. Our previous experiences were all good so we chalked it up to a bad night for the staff. Last night we decided to give it another try. The service was good (as well as the food) but I noticed an agitated couple sitting in the back of the place, they were anxious because they were being ignored. I also noticed that people with reserved tables, which are usually larger groups, get preferential treatment. Oddly enough, they prefer you to seat yourself. So now we have a rule for when we dine there "eat closer to the kitchen or bring lots of friends so you can reserve a table." I have noticed we have other rules for other places like: "don't eat at Joe's Burgers unless Joe is there" and "If you are a couple you can sit at a booth Sunday thru Wednesday at the neighborhood pasta place, but Thursday through Saturday you can't eat at a booth even if you arrive there before the dinner rush". I go with the flow because the food is generally very good and worth accomodating the management/staff. I am interested in other people's experiences. Is it just me, do I live near too many eccentric places or do other people have these issues?

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