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Apr 22, 2005 05:05 PM

Cocktails out in New York?

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Is it just accepted that a basic martini or such is going to cost upwards of ten dollars?

When did that happen? The cost of drinks seems to be rising much faster than the CPI (4% per year).

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  1. Yeah, that is pretty standard.

    1. Travel & Leisure just had a 'world martini index'. They compared "luxury hotel bar" prices and not normal restaurants.

      New York was $15.
      Paris was $26.
      Cape Town was $5.


      p.s. yesterday we paid $10.50 for a Grey Goose Cosmo in Philadelphia in our local bar.


      1. I was taken for $20 for a martini and $10 for a beer at the Oak Room Bar. Nostalgia has an even higher price.

        1. Depends where you go. Restaurants--even upscale ones--that mature folks frequent, have served cocktails through the years and would really anger their regulars if they jacked up their prices a huge percentage.

          For inflated price tags, we can blame premium sprits, 8-oz. "martini" glasses, the "retro" cocktail shenanigans, and consumers too young to know what a drink should cost.