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rachael ray's oven

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I am intrigued by the oven that RachaelRay uses on her show 30 minute meals. I like the way the broiler pops up - it seems retro and also fuctional. Does anyone know what brand it is?

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  1. This question was asked before. Do a search here or on the FoodTV web site. The answer should be there.

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      Archived boards are no longer available for the NAF board. I believe the answer which had been posted here was derived from the food tv web site.

      1. Here you go:

        From Foodnetwork.com...

        "Rachael’s yellow oven is a vintage Chambers oven circa 1950 model 90c. Try looking in local antique and architectural stores. eBay and old appliance stores are other places you can hunt for the oven."

        1. Thank you all for your help. I did try Food Network first, but the help site mentions a link on the left hand side of the page set-up for each show - I couldn't find the link. My first visit to this site was the day I posted my request. I appreciate the help with the name of the oven and the link to the antique stove site.

          1. I love the double entendre in "Rachel Ray's oven".

            1. You've already found out it's a chambers by now, but just a word of warning if you got and purchase one. The broiler is awesomely hot (which is great) but you must keep the top of it (on the outside) meticulously clean. The least bit of anything on it will immediately start smoking once you turn the broiler on. Also, not sure if it's the same for all models, but the oven is very small (someone else will need to do the thanksgiving turkey).

              1. dont go too crazy for that pop up broiler - we have a chambers cook top with one of those, and the broiler never gets hot enought to use with the low gas pressure here in brooklyn. Its been a great holder for a cutting board all these years.