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Apr 18, 2005 09:06 AM

Wax on glass

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How can I best and most easily remove hardened candle wax from a glass-topped table? (One plus: it's a piece of glass that's removable and relatively small that I could, for example, bring to the sink or tub.)

Thank you!

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  1. It won't just scrape off with a razor? Or like a plastic scraper?

    Or try the method to get wax out of cloth: put down several thicknesses of paper towels, and iron until it's all soaked up. Be sure no wax is left on the iron.

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    1. re: Jess

      I'd be careful with the ironing - the glass might break if the temperature is too high.

      I'd scrape off the big layers with a knife and then use GooGone for the rest, followed by detergent to remove the oily film. I just used GooGone yesterday to remove the remains of wax from a wooden table (after scraping off most if it) and it worked fine.

    2. With a razor blade or a scraper.

      1. Yes, apply Occam's Razor, or any razor blade or knife -- simply scrape it off.

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        1. re: Dorothy

          but be careful not to scratch the glass

          1. re: Dorothy

            I love Occam's Razor, especially the new triple-blade one that vibrates. : - D

            1. re: Kirk

              LOL - -wouldn't the triple-blade vibrating one be the very ANTITHESIS of Occam's Razor? I always describe him to the clueless as the godfather of the expression, KISS.