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Apr 17, 2005 09:32 PM

So. California - Major network (NBC) airing Cooking Show

  • k

Very surprised (yet pleased) to see a half-hour cooking show on one of the four MAJOR TV stations, rather than on its own network (Food TV) or area cable.

Does he always use Los Angeles sources? It does say it is KNBC Southern California. Have other Angelinos seen this show?

It was called "Green Eats" and noticed the organic fresh veggies and fruits and processed foods at Santa Monica Co-Op market (a home-grown naturual food grocer) See,

Info on this new show at

Has it been on before?

"Green Eats" is specifically about natural and organic products.

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  1. j

    I've seen this show once. The host looks like a tiny version of Benjamin Bratt and comes across as a shill for organic food companies, which is too bad because I certainly watch all the PBS cooking shows I come across. The episode I saw was set inside a Whole Foods and he took the camera on an infomercial-like trek through the aisles.

    I like that it looks like he's actually cooking in his (or someone's) personal kitchen but hate that he lists the organic foods he uses in his recipes by brand name. It reminds me of those recipes on the backs of cereal boxes that tells you to use only the products the company makes.