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Apr 15, 2005 03:56 PM

is there a chowhound type board for babies

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is there a forum like this where people post about getting good deals on baby stuff, like strollers, diapers, etc

and especially baby food and formula?


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  1. My wife enjoyed baby center. We never acutally used the message boards, but they have some neat stuff.

    The montly progress updates via email are cool.



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      Hey, MidtownCoog. That's a Chowhound in training if I have ever seen one! After a bad meal, of course!!

    2. Here's a website that contains all sorts of info, forums, price comparisons, etc.


      1. for the best info on infant nutrition check out:

        1. I used to lurk often on the IVillage Parenting Place boards. There are about a hundred different message boards on all different baby/child-related topics.

          1. It isn't a board, but the Baby Bargain Book is a fairly decent source for comparisons of various baby products. In addition, the book contains useful lists like "10 least necessary products" and sensible suggestions about how much clothing a newborn actually needs.

            The book is more useful if you are several months pre-baby and have not yet purchased big ticket items like a crib or stroller.

            They do sponsor a web site, if I remember correctly.


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              Baby Bargains does have a message board where people discuss the best strollers, high chairs, etc.