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Apr 15, 2005 03:41 PM

javits center this weekend?

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is there a "foodie" event going on at the javits center this weekend featuring a bunch of restaurants doing brunch for 1,000 sunday morning, or was i told a lie? i'm betting on the lie

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  1. where is the javits center? does everybody on this forum live in the same place?

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    1. re: curiouser

      Good point. The OP should have mentioned that the Javitz Center is in NYC. But I guess he assumed NYCers would know that and that folks from elsewhere would ignore the question. (?)

      1. re: curiouser

        it's in the middle!

      2. Oh, if only there were a centralized search resource on the Internet where one could find the answers to these questions!

        Wait, there is:

        Second result is the Javits Center Events Schedule:

        It appears that, this weekend, the Javits Center is hosting the International Beauty Show and a benefit for the Childrens' Museum of Manhattan.

        Perhaps the Childrens' Museum is having some kind of brunch event. I bet you could Google them and find out.

        - er