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Apr 15, 2005 08:31 AM

my replacement all-clads came, and they're not the same

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Three of our All-Clads warped so badly, we really couldn't use them on our glass-top stove. Rather than grumble about our expensive mistakes, I contacted All-Clad and was told to send them back.

The new pans arrived this week and while they're flat, they're not the same. The inside finish on the two stainless models is more buffed and shows "rings" of metal. The pans feel lighter than the ones we sent back, and frankly, look cheaper.

The nonstick pan is a little better, but doesn't have that satisfying weight of our original All-Clads.

At this point, there's not much we can do. We're grateful for the replacements, of course, as one of the pans was 9 years old.

Has anyone noticed a difference in their All-Clad quality?

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  1. I recently bought a 10" All Clad skillet from a website recommended on this board. It was "irregular", but the site assured me that the irregularities were solely cosmetic, scratches and the like.

    The pan is not flat, was not flat from day one, and sits on my glass top stove leaning towards the side w/ the handle (heavier). of course things brown unevenly in the pan.

    I don't know who is at fault, the seller(Cookware and More, it says on my cc receipt), or All-Clad.

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      You should try getting a replacement from Cookware and More. I got some irregulars from them and after comparing them to my first-quality All-Clads, the only irregularity I notice are minor cosmetic defects such as scratches, uneven sandblasting of the handle, or the "Ltd" brand on the bottom isn't completely etched into the pan. One of them actually looks better than first-quality pan. I believe C&M offers a trial period (15 or 21 days?) during which you can return or exchange any items that you are not satisfied with. An uneven bottom is a pretty significant defect and they may take it back even it is outside the trial period. From my dealing with them, they seem to be very customer service-oriented.

    2. I had no idea they could be returned. My saute pan, which came in a boxed set, does not lie flat and I don't recall that it ever did. Thanks for the tip!