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Apr 14, 2005 01:28 PM

America's top restaurant, La Lavanderie du Paris

  • k

My laptop has been unavailable for a few weeks, so I am catching up with my Chowreading.

I really did look, but I haven't mention of of this on the board ... and I DID read EVERY post about the SF Chron's top 100 restaurants and recent French Laundry postings.

This is about La Lavanderie du Paris and not FL, of course. FL doesn't have take out, to my knowledge, and FL no longer takes reservations in person ... uping the ante and thrill of the chase a bit.

Anyway, sorry if someone else posted this ... otherwise, enjoy. I've read this a number of times and it still makes me giggle.(Unfortunate timing about pope comment)


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  1. i

    That was pretty amusing for satire.

    1. Sorry... but it's just not very funny, and it seems pretty labored, as if he sweated it out in desperation over a looming deadline. The French Laundry might be ripe for satire, but this was a rather feeble attempt. I can think of quite a few posters here on CH who could do a much funnier job.

      1. t
        torta basilica

        FWIW, I really enjoyed it too!