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Apr 13, 2005 01:51 PM

Rachael Ray is very possesive when she talks

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I think she is kinda cool but while watching 30 Minute Meals one night she was very possesive. She is always saying..I have to get my bowls,my spices,my meats,my utensils. Everything is my this or my that! Come on,don't they have anyone at the food network to teach this girl how to talk??? It got to be really irratating after awhile. Have any of you noticed that about her. Richie

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  1. I wounldn't mind her referring to me as "my". ;-)

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    1. re: 2chez mike

      Too-shay, you have excellent taste. Gourmet, even.

      1. I'd rather poke rusty nails through my eyeballs then listen to her giggle at herself.

        1. What gets under my skin is when she says EVOO and she tells us *that's Extra Virgin Olive Oil*. She says the acronym and she tells you what it is....why bother with the EVOO?

          Also, her habit of overloading her arms with ingredients, and her giggling

          And then her $40 a day show is annoying because her reaction every time she puts something in her mouth is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Just once, could she not like something or say it is too spicy, too sweet? Something a little INTERESTING.

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          1. re: Elaine

            Of course not... some of the places on the show pay for "billing" (as do the companies highlited on Food Finds).

            If you asked them, Food TV would most certainly say that it wouldn't be much of a show if they hadn't already done the legwork to get you the BEST food.

            I say it's not much of a show anyway.

          2. why is she always yelling? we're sitting right here.
            please make her stop. i'm scared...

            1. why is she always yelling? we're sitting right here.
              please make her stop. i'm scared...

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              1. re: blazee

                And, to make matters worse, does she have to keep saying "delish" or "hello?"

                1. re: Newbie

                  ...or my personal favorite: "YUM-O!"

                  Runner up: "FANTABULOUS!"

                  Yes, the woman butchers up the English language more than anyone on FoodTV.

                  Have noticed her My-this, My-that talk and, if she doesn't already say it, she'll soon be calling FoodTV "MY NETWORK!"