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Apr 13, 2005 11:55 AM

Paula Dean's whispering....

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Why does she constantly whisper, like someone's going to stick it in her, whenever she tries her own dishes? I mean, I understand the connection between sensuality and food, but c'mon, she's trying a pile of whipped cream with chopped up candy canes in it, hardly 91/2 weeks stuff.......

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  1. A truly awful cold has condemned me to the couch and daytime TV for the last 2 days so I've gotten a chance to see shows that aren't aired in the evenings here when I can watch. I expected to not like Paula Deen, but I enjoyed the two shows I saw. I guess I identify with the "single Mom, what can I do? I can cook" story but in addition I thought she was down to earth, not pretentious, just showing some simple basic recipes. I didn't notice the whispering but on the subject of funny speech mannerisms, I also watched Sandra Lee. Her shows weren't as terrible as I'd expected (hoped?) but she constantly says "I'm'na" as in "I'm going to". "I'm'na open this can now and then I'm'na show you the tablescape". Yikes! I was forced to take a nap...

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      HAHAHA!!! as with every thread started on Chowhound, about a Food TV personality, let's just cut to the chase and trash Sandra Lee!!! SHE deserves it!!!!!

      (sidebar note - I'm sorry Paula!)

      1. re: Chef x

        Get a clue - she's funny and her unique mannerisms add to her southern charm/ Having just had a total knee replacement - I have had the pleasure of watching her show and she makes me smile. I once worked with a nurse from Georgia who did the same thing- she also brought joy to my life. If it bothers you to watch - don't. Leave her alone so the rest of us can enjoy exacatly what she is - a great cook and a winner in the circle of life !

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          I have just started watching Paula and I enjoy her alot more than most of the TV **Chef** personalities. There's one on, both her first and last name start with R I didn't like her at all, she seemed winded and unorganized running around the kitchen with her hair flying all over the place. YIKES...I do like the everyday Italian Chef, she seemed down to earth and knowledgable about her cooking. Paula is a wonderful cook with a flair for the South.

      2. re: suzannapilaf

        Have you not also noticed that every other sentence begins with "Now, I want you to..."?

      3. Oh come on, don't start on Paula. She's my dream lady.

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        1. re: fatboy

          No, don't get me wrong - I love her too, she CAN cook.

        2. Why does anyone do anything they do? We all have idiosyncrasies, which make us unique. Do we want all TV personalities to fit into a certain mold? I know I don't.

          1. Find something else to do!If she bothers you, don't watch. Paula has a wonderful outgoing pesonality.