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Apr 12, 2005 12:13 PM

Deconstructing Ferran Adria

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Did anyone catch the Tony Bourdain special on Food Network last night...fascinating man...fascinating science/food thing going on. Kind of alluring, kind of disturbing...

I live in the back woods, never hear of the guy until I read Gourmet this month and then it was only a passing reference, so I was kind of spellbound.

Here's a link to the Time Magazine blurb about him...quite the chef as artist photo, he wasn't that scary looking on TV.


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  1. Unfortunately, it wasn't on in the states, only in Canada.

    I heard about it from a blog who had something of a rant about it.


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    1. re: Annan

      Yes, I heard that later on egullet...Bourdain was excellent...and he didn't have a single cigarette on camera, which has to be some kind of record!

      I'm dying to get my hands on the El Bulli book...but it is prohibitively expensive and will probably never appear in the library.

      1. re: Cyndy

        Go to and either search for "bulli" or look under the "books" link and then look for a small loan..


        1. re: Cyndy

          I met a Food Network programming exec today from the US. She had never heard of the program. I clued her in!

      2. There is a great 11 page story in Esquire about Ferram Adria.

        Unfortunately you now have to pay to get the article, but IMO, it is worth the $2.95 if you are insterested in this chef.

        There was also this article in the Guardian,...

        However, the Esquire Article was so much better. Hope to catch the tv show some time.

        Not that I follow the Chowhound International board that much, but I don't think anyone has posted about a dinner at El Bulli. They talk about all sorts of things, reservations, lodgings, but I don't remember a dinner report.


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        1. re: Krys

          There are dinner reports from El Bulli on the International board and many more over at egullet. I'll post one of my own this summer.

          1. re: butterfly
            torta basilica

            When this summer? We are going the end of July & hope you'll have a report in before that!