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Apr 6, 2005 02:21 PM

Just Curious !

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I often wonder if I just happen to have a skeptical nature, so I am curious if others ever get the same impression as I.

For instance. If one reads dozens and in some cases hundreds of positive reports and reviews of a restaurant and then one reads a post that contradicts everything one has ever read in the past, are you skeptical?

Is it me or do others feel like the post may be telling me about the origin then the restaurant.

I am not the only one who believes there are people out there that can never be pleased am I ?

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  1. There just isn't any pleasing some people. However, even the best restaurant has a bad day once in a while.

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      I'm not skeptical, but that's because I've been one of those people who didn't like a Chowhound darling. It's not because I can't be pleased or went there with the intention of having a negative experience, but because I didn't the food was great. That was my actual experience. Different people, different experiences.

      I do love how people think just because your experience wasn't as great as theirs that there must be something wrong with you.

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        What are you talking about ? My question was a general question with no specific post,poster,or restaurant.

        1. re: Robert

          I wasn't talking about a specific post or restaurant either. I used myself as an example of why I don't doubt someone who may have had an experience different from mine.

          My comment at the end was just because I've seen people's reactions when one of their favorites gets a negative review.

          1. re: IamJacksBrain

            I see your point and for the most part agree.
            But my example refers to the type of post where one gives
            a report that is so far from anything you or others experienced that it cause's you to be suspicious of the review.

            No restaurant can be 100% to everyone all the time and that includes the ones we love.
            But I would hate to see someone decide not to visit a restaurant because they read a negative post where the poster had another agenda.

      2. I often wonder the same thing. I know that restaurants have a bad day every now and then and there are those people who are never pleased. I often look at those bad reviews and try to figure out if the person truly had a bad experience and it disappointed, or if the person is unreasonable and vindictive. There is a big difference between constructive criticism and those people who are just flat our nasty. If a restaurant has gotten hundreds of wonderful reviews and one or two people write something simply awful, I am inclined not to believe it if they are overly dramatic. Although, I admit, it is sometimes hard to tell the true intentions of the writer.

        1. Several points:

          1) Everyone bases their opinion on their own experience. If you take a Kansas City native to a NC BBQ joint, more often then not, you will have someone who is not happy with the BBQ.

          2) Even the best restaurants have good days and bad days depending on which personnel is around. I ate at one place that everyone loves and the whole meal was a comedy of errors - the chef was not there that day. Maybe other people had **great** meals there but my meal was not real good.

          3) Certain posters on this board frequent some restaurants. As regulars, they become well known and get special treatment. Smart restaurant employees know who comes in 2-3x per week and generally those people get more attentive service. (Personally, I don't post on the two or three local places where I eat 20+ times per year.)

          4) You are right. There are some people who are NEVER happy. I have an acquaintance that I REFUSE to eat with. In four meals, she returned no less than six dishes. I slipped an extra tip to one poor server and she *TRIED* to take it from the table. Generally, if you hang around a while, you know who has an axe to grind (like people who criticize places they have never eaten in).