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Need good FLATWARE resource

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I'm shopping around for new flatware, and I have hit all the usual suspects: department stores, kitchenware stores, BB&B, Michael C. Fina, Amazon and others, to no avail. Anybody have any good sources, preferably at less-than-retail?

Looking for medium-to-chi chi quality stainless, 18/10, continental sizing, with more modern styling (think simple and minimalist). I have a thing for French- or Italian-made (like Mariposa) but I'm open. I also think I would prefer a set, as they seem to bring better value, but again I'm open. Any wholesale or restaurant-supply places that's also open to the public?

Thanks, all. I've exhausted all of my own ideas.

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      Ross Simons is da bomb, but if you are not too particular in the pattern you are looking for, also check out the online closeout discounters--


      Or the tabletop specialists for specific patterns (including Ross Simons):

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        I have also been looking for flatware to replace what I have. I bought it at an outlet and it's 18/10 stainless but it now has corrosion and scratches all over it after about 5 years (by the way, is this normal? I thought 18/10 is supposed to hold up)!

        I've been looking at Oneida's Sant' Andrea collection (which is based on European patterns) because a few of those are classy (not too frou frou) and are heavy. I also have been looking at Yamazaki flatware which has some great designs (I like the Hafnia). I haven't decided yet. The store I was looking at online is www.silversuperstore.com. Right now some of the Yamazaki flatware is on sale--if you buy a set, you can receive free serving pieces, too.

        I do like the looks of the flatware at Williams-Sonoma called Lausanne---I'm just wondering if I could replace specific items from the pattern if they get lost.

        Good luck with your search!

      2. I purchased my flatware from Macy's. I have Oneida, pattern name has "rose" in it. The set costs ~$80-100, I think it is 8 place settings with some serving utensils and a couple of iced tea spoons.

        Regarding wholesale and restaurant-supply places open to the public. Every restaurant-supply place I have been to has been open to the public. Every wholesale place I have been to required a sales tax resale ID. I am in Northern California.

        My experience with flatware at restaurant supply and wholesale places: the flatware they stock is "diner" quality, if a customer wants better flatware, it has to be special ordered. That is true with most of the goods (pots/pans, dishes, etc.) stocked in the two San Jose restaurant supply stores. My take is they can't afford to stock expensive items/their customers do not purchase high end goods.

        1. Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but Fortunoff has a pretty good selction.

          Link: http://www.fortunoff.com/

          1. It is more expensive, but you are really better off buying what is termed "open stock" instead of a set. The reason for this is that is a piece hits the garbage disposal and gets mangled or a piece is accidently discarded (and bot happen, I know from experience) you can replace the missing pieces more easily than flatware just sold in sets.

            1. Costco had some decent looking flatware and the price looked reasonable when I was there last week.

              1. Check out eBay. I just bought a (new, still in boxes)12 place Wm. Fraser setting for about a 100 bucks.

                1. Oneida has a few patterns that are European-sized and if you can find a factory outlet store they're a great deal. If there isn't one near you, you can browse Oneida's web page for patterns and telephone an outlet store to see if they carry that pattern. I'm sure they'd happily measure the pieces so you can be sure they're big enough. You can buy over the phone and they'll ship it.

                  I bought a set of silverplate in the "Belcourt" pattern and it's oversized and has a nice heft. And it was cheaper (at the outlet) than crappy stainless at Macy's.

                  Ebay is a good resource too, if you know exactly what you're looking for.

                  1. I once saw some gorgeous Italian stuff at Zabar's...not sure if you are in New York, though.

                    1. Thanks, everyone who responded so far. All excellent ideas, most of which I jumped on immediately. But I need more, if you have them.... and I know you have them! ;)

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                        Caitlin McGrath

                        The flatware I have seems to fit most of your criteria: 18/10 stainless, larger size, minimalist design, available (only) in sets. It's the Lausanne pattern from Williams-Sonoma, which I chose for its weight and balance and its simple style (I really don't like many flatware patterns with decorative elements at all). It's also quite affordable for its quality. The only downside is there aren't any matching serving pieces available, if you're wanting those, too.

                        Link: http://ww2.williams-sonoma.com/cat/pi...

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                            Caitlin McGrath

                            I don't want to generalize to their whole line, but I have some Dansk stainless serving pieces, and they are nice, but very lightweight.