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Apr 6, 2005 11:17 AM

Need good FLATWARE resource

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I'm shopping around for new flatware, and I have hit all the usual suspects: department stores, kitchenware stores, BB&B, Michael C. Fina, Amazon and others, to no avail. Anybody have any good sources, preferably at less-than-retail?

Looking for medium-to-chi chi quality stainless, 18/10, continental sizing, with more modern styling (think simple and minimalist). I have a thing for French- or Italian-made (like Mariposa) but I'm open. I also think I would prefer a set, as they seem to bring better value, but again I'm open. Any wholesale or restaurant-supply places that's also open to the public?

Thanks, all. I've exhausted all of my own ideas.

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    1. re: FlyFish

      Ross Simons is da bomb, but if you are not too particular in the pattern you are looking for, also check out the online closeout discounters--

      Or the tabletop specialists for specific patterns (including Ross Simons):

      1. re: FlyFish

        I have also been looking for flatware to replace what I have. I bought it at an outlet and it's 18/10 stainless but it now has corrosion and scratches all over it after about 5 years (by the way, is this normal? I thought 18/10 is supposed to hold up)!

        I've been looking at Oneida's Sant' Andrea collection (which is based on European patterns) because a few of those are classy (not too frou frou) and are heavy. I also have been looking at Yamazaki flatware which has some great designs (I like the Hafnia). I haven't decided yet. The store I was looking at online is Right now some of the Yamazaki flatware is on sale--if you buy a set, you can receive free serving pieces, too.

        I do like the looks of the flatware at Williams-Sonoma called Lausanne---I'm just wondering if I could replace specific items from the pattern if they get lost.

        Good luck with your search!

      2. I purchased my flatware from Macy's. I have Oneida, pattern name has "rose" in it. The set costs ~$80-100, I think it is 8 place settings with some serving utensils and a couple of iced tea spoons.

        Regarding wholesale and restaurant-supply places open to the public. Every restaurant-supply place I have been to has been open to the public. Every wholesale place I have been to required a sales tax resale ID. I am in Northern California.

        My experience with flatware at restaurant supply and wholesale places: the flatware they stock is "diner" quality, if a customer wants better flatware, it has to be special ordered. That is true with most of the goods (pots/pans, dishes, etc.) stocked in the two San Jose restaurant supply stores. My take is they can't afford to stock expensive items/their customers do not purchase high end goods.

        1. Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but Fortunoff has a pretty good selction.


          1. It is more expensive, but you are really better off buying what is termed "open stock" instead of a set. The reason for this is that is a piece hits the garbage disposal and gets mangled or a piece is accidently discarded (and bot happen, I know from experience) you can replace the missing pieces more easily than flatware just sold in sets.

            1. Costco had some decent looking flatware and the price looked reasonable when I was there last week.