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Beef Fricadelle?

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last night we went out to dinner and i had beef fricadelle (sp?) for my 1st time.

i had never heard of it before and the server described it as a "kicked-up meatloaf, much more flavorful or like steak tartar but cooked..." she was right on. it was very flavorful and had the same consistency. it was ontop of mashed potatoes with a side of greens.

am i the last to know about this dish?

opinions on it?

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  1. My Danish grandmother made these meatblls for us regularly. We loved them! Unfortunately, she died before I thought to watch her while she made them. I imagine any Danish or other Scandinavian cookbook will have a version.

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      My mother made these all the time as we were growing up and i have the recipe and make them every so often.

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        Would love the recipe, would you share it?

      1. My mother is Danish and made them. Recipes vary. I've found a couple on the Web. I make them with half veal and half pork; mix in about a 1/2 cup of milk to one pound of meat, then add a couple of tablespoons of white flour. Add salt and pepper and chopped onions to taste. The mix will be fairly loose, but they'll do fine dropped in a frying pan with some oil, for about 5-10 minute per side.

        1. When I lived in a small German village, I pulled out my grill and my German neighbors would make fricadelle to put on the grill. It was their version of our hamburger. They usually soaked a brotchen in milk or water and added an egg. They added some onions and shaped it into a rounded patty. They usually did not want to eat it with the buns I furnished.

          They were pretty good.