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Jun 18, 2006 08:37 PM

Un-meaty veggie burgers?

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I am totally freaked out by Boca burgers. They look, smell and taste too much like what I remember meat to look/smell/taste like.

(To all you meat-eaters about to protest: the last time I ate meat was 10 years ago, so my memory isn't perfect.)

My veg friend concur - some veg products are too meat-like for us to enjoy. Any recs for veggie burgers that taste like veggies? Or at least, not like meat?

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  1. I find this sooo funny. Why even bother eating a buirger of any kind if you don't eat meat and don't want something that tastes like meat. I mean, "it tastes TOO meaty." Well, isn't that the whole idea, to make something fake that tastes like something else. I'm sure everyone making this type of thing strives for that product. If you want something that tastes like veggies buy carrots, celery, lettuce, eggplant and rutabagas, they all taste like veggies I guess.

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      Monty, There are lots of different kinds of "burgers", not all of which taste like beef - but they all fit nicely on a bun with toppings (which your suggestion of buying carrots, eggplant and rutabegas doesn't really work for). Think, salmon burgers, even fish cakes and crab cakes. So, it you don't have anything to add to the discussion - lay off.

      I'm not a vegetarian, but I too prefer veggie burgers that don't strive to tase like beef burgers. And, I actually find it sort of odd that there are so many vegetarian items that strive to taste like meat. I mean, if yo've given up meat do you really want to be eating pseudo versions of it?

      As a suggestion, Annie's California burgers are quite "veggie" and non-meaty. I'd love to know of others too.

      1. re: potluck

        That's kinda my point - I'm veg by choice, not obligation (ie, doc's orders), so I don't want to eat anything that resembles meat.

        "Burger" was perhaps the wrong word - "patty" is what I meant. So, not a fake/replacement burger, but some similarly shaped food that's made of vegetables.

        That said, thanks for the suggestions.

      2. re: Monty

        A burger is a patty. It doesn't neccessarily mean meat. If the packaging said "vegetarian hamburger", that would mean fake beef patty, but a "veggie burger" is a patty made out of vegetarian ingredients.

        I eat meat, and love a good steak, but I love veggie burgers too.

        1. re: Monty

          We encouage posters who have a suggestion for piccola to add their input here. However, if you don't have a suggestion for a product for piccola to try, please refrain from replying. This board is for food discussion, not for passing judgement on the food choices others make. Thanks.

        2. Have you tried Sunshine Burgers? They have a clean, unique taste. Hearty. Main ingredients: ground sunflower seeds, brown rice, shredded carrots.


          1. I like the Morningstar Farms Garden Veggie Patties, which have a nice blend of veggies and a good mouth-feel, without being faux-meaty. I've been told that the Subway Veggie Patty/Veggie Max subs use these. (And if you haven't tried them, this Subway sandwich is my favorite meal in a pinch when I'm traveling and there are no other vg options -- quite common for me in the Southeast.)

            I also really like a chicken-substitute product named Veat in the bite-sized shape. (The larger pieces are not as good.) These are a very good stand-in for chicken and when sauteed in a bit of EVOO, are delicious. I get them at Whole Foods Market. I LOVE them tossed in a piccata sauce over pasta.

            1. have you tried the grilled vegetable variety of boca burgers? to me, at least, they taste like grilled veggies and do not taste meaty at all.


              1. If you're not looking for something vegan, Trader Joe's "Nirvana" patties are made with egg whites, a variety of vegetables, and Indian seasoning. They're quite tasty with mango chutney.