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Jun 15, 2006 01:52 PM

Ordering Your Burger Rare at In N Out

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Have any of you tried ordering your burger rare or medium rare at In N Out? If so, how was it? I just found out that you can do this (or at least according to the link below, you can). I've always enjoyed In N Out's toppings and buns, but their tiny, dry patties were the deal-breaker for me. If it turns out that you can get a burger with some pink on the inside, I may have to make a return visit.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The risk largely comes from the industrial production of ground beef, where many parts of the animal are very quickly ground and homogenized after the animal sat in a feedlot where their outsides are covered with manure and the accompanying pathogens.

      In contrast, when the animal is more carefully butchered and the meat is kept separate from the intestinal tract and hide, the risk is much lower.

      In-N-Out's own website suggests the latter is the case with their beef. However, I don't see them promoting the idea of undercooked meat.

      In Phoenix, I get a medium rare burger at Delux (, without flinching, because, this is the norm, there, and they suggest and promote it. I'm sure I have other options as well, and I'm willing to pay the much higher price.

      Also, if you are a middle aged adult, you are probably less likely to die from E. Coli related illnesses.

      Bon Appetit!

      1. I've been eating my burgers there medium-rare for years. They really are medium-rare, too

        1. This post did me in. I have been good on my diet for the last few weeks, eating my salad and working out. But when Tomswift said you could order medium rare, it was like a mantra from heaven. The 2 In and Outs in my neighboorhood, Culver city and West LA, have been serving what I consider to be dry medium well burger and it had turned me off In and Out. I had first encounterd the chain in San Francisco when I lived there and they would serve a juicy medium burger which was wonderful and thought to find it again I would have to look elswhere. But after reading today's post I went to the In and out near the Costco in Culver city and ordered a double double medium rare. With out missing the beat the counterperson added it to the order and called to the grill for two patties medium rare to be put down. When I got my reciept it had my order as stated.

          Then I bit in to it. It wasn't medium rare but it was a hell of alot better than the burgers which came before it. It was a juicy medium. There was no pink in the middle but it looked like it had just turned. Just like the ones from the Daly City In and Out. Also for some reason, I got 2 extra slices of cheese which added to the juiciness.

          So if I order rare I might get medium rare, and I need to remember to order pickles next time.

          Take care


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            I too went to In-n-Out after reading the post & ordered cheeseburger medium-rare, with onions & french fries well done animal style.

            The In-n-Out I went to was off the 405 @ Inglewood. They served the cheeseburger medium-rare, pink center & all. It was juicier...but I think I need to order the 2x1 since the patty seems to shrink every coupla years (or I get bigger every coupla years).

            The fries I always order well done; occasionaly animal-style just for fun.

          2. That's good to know.

            I once got a free soda from a local place when I ordered my burger medium rare, the counter guy was so happy.