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Jun 14, 2006 06:32 PM

Shipping Live Lobsters

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All this lobster chatter gave me the idea of shipping two live lobsters to my parents for their anniversary next month. Can anyone recommend a good online source? What is a good size? 2 1/2 pounds? 3 pounds? They love lobster and have prepared live lobsters in the past. Thanks.

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  1. the king of the hill for this is below, but at those prices you might be better off getting a gift certificate to the folks closest nice seafood restaurant.


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      Thanks for the link, I will investigate. We (my sisters and I) have done the gift certificate thing ad nauseum for the Anniversary gift and think they'd enjoy this more. Plus they are in northern Michigan and a good seafood restaurant is not such an easy thing to find.

    2. I have shipped live lobsters from Legal Seafood many times. Just google Legalseafoods. They have some nice packages that include the pot, implements, etc and some with steamers. Always fresh (and live!).

      1. Here is a company I have used. They are local to Boston.


        1. I've had good experiences ordering lobster for my mom from Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound, where I used to stop for lobster on the way to Acadia National Park.

          I also gpt a recommendation (I think on Chowhound) for this place, but haven't tried it:


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            Second the Trenton Bridge rec: They have the best lobster I've ever eaten and they do a huge amount of shipping.

          2. Although I've never mail ordered from the Boothbay Lobstermen's Co-Op, I've eaten there many times and really enjoyed it. They certainly don't lack for a big supply of fresh lobsters.