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Jun 12, 2006 08:50 PM

What to order at Legal Sea Food or McCormick & Schmicks

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Arriving in Boston from TX on a Sat. evening about 5:30, will check into Park Plaza hotel, and we will be starving, exhausted, wanting fish (we'll save the lobster for the Maine portion of our trip). I figure Legal Sea Food or McCormick & Schmick, both right by the hotel. Not trying to impress, just want quality & freshness (Lubbock, TX doesn't get much fresh fish), close by.

So which is best? What on their menu is really good? We'll make reservations if necessary (7ish).

Also, can anyone tell me the hours and days of McCormick & Schmick's $1.95 happy hour menu? Their website has a menu but not times.

Note: originally posted in Boston forum, moderator suggested I repost here since these are both chains (though the Legal mentioned here is the company's flagship).

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  1. McCormick & Schmicks:
    my fave is the upside-down apple pie
    (I believe even the desserts may vary by season and location, though)

    1. Hubby always loves the bluefish pate at Legal.

      1. I like Legal Seafood.
        My favorite from their menu is the Artic Char. I have never been disappointed there although it does get crowded and noisy at times. Coming from Texas you should enjoy Legal's. Everything is fresh.

        1. Usually happy hour runs 4-6 PM and 10-midnight but not on Fridays or Saturdays. If you're still around, Tuesdays are $1 oyster nights. Also supposed to be a two drink minimum but I've gone and only had one beer before. Not everything is $1.95 any more, some things are $2.95 and $3.95. I've only been there for the happy hour menu so can't say much about the fish. Options on happy hour menu are very limited for seafood (usually 2 clams or oysters for $1.95, maybe fish cakes for somewhere around that price but they're bland).

          1. Best thing at McCormick's are the oysters. Usually around 10-12 varieties in my experience. just get a mix of them.