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Jun 12, 2006 04:13 PM

wine pairing with chicken fried steak?

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seriously - is there anything that would work with a full-on southern meal of chicken fried steak, greens, blackeyed peas, etc.?

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  1. Gewurztraminer!

    1. Beer! I prefer Shiner Bock, which is from Texas, with my chicken fried steak!


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      1. re: Gayle

        That's the choice. I'm from Texas and also a big wine collector, BUT, can't ever remember serving wine with CFS.

      2. While I agree that beer or Gew├╝rztraminer is a good pairing, I would also consider a light-to-medium weight syrah.

        1. The thought of wine with that meal would, at least for me, diminish both. Iced tea or beer just make much more sense to my palate.

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          1. re: Karl S

            that was my initial reaction as well. but i'm not much of a beer drinker, nor are several of my dinner companions, so i figured it was worth asking for creative suggestions. and i've already gotten several - thanks all!

          2. Gewerz. would not be my first choice for wine, maybe a nice crispy fruity Rose or a Spanish Garnacha but my first choice too would be beer. I made CFS last Thurs. for dinner using the recipe from Grady Spears' Cowboy in the Kitchen. I had bought Black Angus Sirloin cube steaks from a local butcher shop and it was wondeerful. Not greasy but crisp and meltingly tender. The only thing I changed in the recipe was the addition of a few drops of garlic Tabasco sauce to the cream gravy and I did use half and half in the gravy, it was what I had on hand. Crispy, a bit salty, and the lovely cream gravy, beer would be best but the other two I mentioned would work well. The hard thing to balance with the wine would be the greens which is why I was against the Gewerz.