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Jun 9, 2006 07:09 PM

Heller's Modern Cure

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I am curious about curing. I just got Heller's Modern Cure. It contains only 6% sodium nitrite. So there a lot of other things in this, un-natural things. I was hoping for a little more control. Any experiences please share.

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  1. What are the other things?

    1. for curing meats?

      go to St Patick's day threads ( Feb 1st or so) and read about NO-CHEM meat curing. It turns out delicious, and the meat is not "grey" but a normal brown, just like pot roast. Best corned beef I've ever had.

      SOOOOO good! and no nasty chemical aftertaste.

      (Nitrates don't belong in our bodies!)

      1. Heller's Modern Cure is mostly salt, 6.25% Sodium Nitrite. Then propylene glycol and sodium bicarbonate added as processing aids plus red (can't read the #).

        Propylene glycol and sodium bicarbonate seem a little scary. Why are they included? I believe that both of these are being used to control grow of undesirables. There is not much said about their use in food.

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          Eldon Kreider

          What is scary about sodium bicarbonate, common name baking soda?