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Jun 9, 2006 12:55 PM

red wine for a July wedding?

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Hi there-- I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good and inexpensive red wine for a July wedding in Pennsylvania (translation: will probably be warm out). Personally, I'm a Zinfandel/Syrah sort of gal, but I think for a mass audience, a Pinot Noir might be good for a warm summer day. We're having buffet stations w/ a variety of food, mostly chicken, fish and vegetarian (no red meat). Anyone know a good Pinot Noir for under $12? I'm always found Fetzer to be pretty good for other reds.
Many thanks!

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  1. If it's going to be a warm summer day, I might suggest a chilled Rose. There are a number of excellent Rose's available these days and many would probably fall in your price range.

    1. Do you have the ability to have sangria made and kept cool? Either a red or white sangria might be more refreshing than wine with your wedding meal. A recipe link below is my favorite, from a local Boston area restaurant.


      1. Castle Rock makes pretty decent Pinot Noirs for under $10. There have a variety from different growing areas. I've found the Sonoma Coast is the best. But you may want to see what you can find and try them all. may help.

        I had Los Altos Malbec at a wedding once and that was well-received.

        I personally love the idea of rosé. But I'll warn you that a startling percentage of wine drinkers have negative misconceptions about rosé (i.e., they are all sweet and only beginners drink them... very annoying), so I wouldn't serve it _instead_ of red. In addition to would be fine.


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          That is too bad. I love nice fruity roses in the summer. La Vielle Ferme is lovely and go so nicely with the food being offered. I just put a bottle in the fridge to go with our dinner tonight.

          Thise blush "wines" really gave good roses a bad reputation and the only thing in common is color.

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            I agree completely - pretty much always have a bottle in the refrigerator from Memorial Day on - right now it is a Spanish one - Muga.

        2. Camelot makes a decent, inexpensive Pinot Noir that goes for $9/bottle in PA.

          1. Perhaps a nice fruity, lightly chilled beaujolais? Georges DuBouef has a nice one as does Louis Jadot. Not expensive either.