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Jun 8, 2006 12:01 AM

Fixing bad red wine

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Any ideas?

I bought a box of Trove red wine. It is really tannic and sour. Is there anything that can be done to take the edge off?

I'm the only one in the house that drinks wine, so making something like sangria deosn't make sense. At most I drink two glasses of wine, usually one.

Is there some secret to salvaging it?

I don't want to use it in a recipe because when I do take the time to cook, I use good and pricy ingrediants and don't want to risk ruining a dish with this swill. If there IS a recipe that would not be ruined by the wine, let me know and I'll post an inquiry on home cooking.

Is there a spice or something that could be thrown in the glass to make it taste better? Would bitters like in vermouth help?

I'm even at a loss on how to search this on the web. I got the bright idea of searching red wine cocktails.

One idea of mixing red wine with ginger ale seems to have promise. I'll probably try that.

There was another idea of a black cherry soda/granberry juice/red wine combo that for some reason doesn't sound bad.

Another was I guess you could call a lazy sangria of mixing red wine with lemonade.

I got most of those ideas from the link below. They have one of the most horrendous cocktails I have ever heard of though called the appothocary - vermouth, Fernet Branca and creme de menthe ... yikes.

So is there anything I can do other than throwing three liters of wine down the drain?


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  1. The LA Times food section today had an article about a magnetic pouring device to put in the end of the wine bottle which softens the tannins & smooths out the taste of wines which are too young to drink. I can't recall the website for it but I think it's free to check out the Los Angeles Times online. The pouring thingie costs $30. It's available in some wine stores as well as online.

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      Order now and I'll include another one for the tip of the gas pump. 100 mpg guaranteed. Oh, and I also have a large bridge for sale.

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        DON'T fall for it. These things don't work for water or gas, and they won't work for wine.

        It's just a scam.


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          That is just a brilliant article. Not only should anyone who is considering the wine clip read it, anyone who is considering any miracle product should read it.

          I loved that the wine clip people said that the CEO of Pepsi thought so highly of the wine clip that he invested in it leading the wine clip people to say "so this is not a hoax."

          First of all, personally that statement would set off warning bells for me about the product. Any disclaimer like that since I first heard "I am not a crook", is enough to make me skeptical. Never associate a negative word with a product or yourself.

          Then the fact that they never said how much Scully invested and pointing out that he might have realized it was snake oil, but profitable snake oil. So meaningless info.

          Very funny and informative. I'll pass on the wine clip ... but maybe if there is anything to this, I should throw a couple of refrigerator magnets on the wine box ... the ultimate fate of that wine clip ... expensive fridge magnet ... I wonder if it improved the flavor of everything in the fridge.

          Thanks again.

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            Well, this wasn't about the wine clip. The LA Times article:


            It featured a taste test, you can read it for yourself; I have no personal experience with this. The claim was it could turn 2 buck chuck into 6 buck chuck. I try to avoid lousy wine to the extent my budget can afford it. Does anyone have any actual experience with this device, called the BevWizard?

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              It is all but impossible to do a "blind" tasting with things like this -- or the "straw" thing --but scientific tests have shown it does NOTHING.

        2. Return the wine to the store.

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            Absolutely best idea. Let the staff at the store taste it as there could very well be a defect and they would they probably gladly give you a new box.

          2. Try tonic water.

            1. Dump it down the drain and consider it a lesson learned. Life is too short to drink bad wine. If you drink wine, you should know better than to buy swill.

              1. No. You can't even make decent vinegar from bad wine. The only thing you could possibly do is dilute it so much that you no longer taste it and what'd be the point of that? Some box wine is perfectly drinkable (I've never had one that I thought was actually good) but mext time don't buy a 3l box of something you've never tasted.;)