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Jun 3, 2006 05:49 PM

Texas Best Barbecue Sauce Lament

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A few years ago, they stopped making my favorite off-the-shelf barbecue sauce, Texas Best, Original recipe. It was NOT SWEET, but tangy and smoky, the only one I could find that was not sweet. As is the way of many good products, they started making other flavors, all of them sweet, and discontinued the original. I even tried ordering from the company, and they had no more left.

Does anyone remember this sauce? Do you know of another bottled sauce that is similar, or a recipe for something like it?

  1. You might give Stubb's(Original) a try. It's less sweet than most bottled bbq sauces.

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      Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I was hopeful about Stubbs, but tried it, didn't like it. Just doesn't have the zing that Texas Best had.

    2. I remember that sauce. I loved it. I used to put it on roast beef sandwhiches on sourdough - Great sandwhich. Good on ribs too. I miss it. :(

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        I'm with you on disappearing sauces. My favorite was Old Southern, now no where to be found. I don't care for sweet sauces either. My favorte bottled now is Gates & Sons original. Their extra hot is pretty good too and not all that hot. Hard core aficionados here diss the Q, but they're always busy. Link below.

        Link: http://gatesbbq.com/store.html

        1. Let me add my voice to the lament for good sauces fallen off the market: Peck Wicker's Original Missouri Barbecuing Sauce, a completely nonsweet, nonthick compound of vinegar, water and spices, sharp and pungent and unparalleled in the commercial grocery world. Half the people I recommended it to hated it, the other half became as addicted as I. When I tasted the white BBQ sauce from Hog Heaven in Nashville, I was able to synthesize it by beating together equal parts of Wicker's and mayonnaise, plus a little buttermilk. And now it's gone, gone, gone...

          1. Stubb's is the only one I can find easily that isn't overly sweet like the rest. I like the spicy one. If its not tangy enough for you, you could add a little vinegar.