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Jun 3, 2006 05:49 PM

Texas Best Barbecue Sauce Lament

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A few years ago, they stopped making my favorite off-the-shelf barbecue sauce, Texas Best, Original recipe. It was NOT SWEET, but tangy and smoky, the only one I could find that was not sweet. As is the way of many good products, they started making other flavors, all of them sweet, and discontinued the original. I even tried ordering from the company, and they had no more left.

Does anyone remember this sauce? Do you know of another bottled sauce that is similar, or a recipe for something like it?

  1. You might give Stubb's(Original) a try. It's less sweet than most bottled bbq sauces.

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      Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I was hopeful about Stubbs, but tried it, didn't like it. Just doesn't have the zing that Texas Best had.

    2. I remember that sauce. I loved it. I used to put it on roast beef sandwhiches on sourdough - Great sandwhich. Good on ribs too. I miss it. :(

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        I'm with you on disappearing sauces. My favorite was Old Southern, now no where to be found. I don't care for sweet sauces either. My favorte bottled now is Gates & Sons original. Their extra hot is pretty good too and not all that hot. Hard core aficionados here diss the Q, but they're always busy. Link below.


        1. Let me add my voice to the lament for good sauces fallen off the market: Peck Wicker's Original Missouri Barbecuing Sauce, a completely nonsweet, nonthick compound of vinegar, water and spices, sharp and pungent and unparalleled in the commercial grocery world. Half the people I recommended it to hated it, the other half became as addicted as I. When I tasted the white BBQ sauce from Hog Heaven in Nashville, I was able to synthesize it by beating together equal parts of Wicker's and mayonnaise, plus a little buttermilk. And now it's gone, gone, gone...

          1. Stubb's is the only one I can find easily that isn't overly sweet like the rest. I like the spicy one. If its not tangy enough for you, you could add a little vinegar.