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May 31, 2006 01:10 PM

Quiznos Rant

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Ok, first, I have to preface this by saying I nearly never visit any kind of fast food place mostly because of health concerns (if only a Big Mac were healthy, alas, it isn't!) but yesterday, by necessity and time constraints ran into the Quiznos downstairs from my office.

I tried one of their new Flatbread Salads, the Chicken Ceasar, which surprisingly, was not all that bad. I didn't use any dressing but I did taste it. I had them leave off at least 1/2 the cheese and olives and only ate 1/2 the flatbread because I normally watch my fat intake if I'm not eating something chow-worthy. And Quiznos certainly does NOT fit the profile of chow-worthy in my book.

I didn't miss the dressing at all as the chicken actually had quite a bit of flavor to it. The flatbread was tasty albeit a tad too buttery, the lettuce was a decent, fresh mixture of greens. All in all I was surprised to enjoy this salad as I completely expected it to be terrible.

Which leads me to my complaint. Why does this chain still resist posting the nutrition for their products? They list only a bare minium (maybe a few of their sandwiches at best). I think they are the hold-outs in this. I know all of the other fast food joints make a great effort to accommodate those of us who are attempting to try and be a bit healthier and it just irks me how belligerent Quiznos is about keeping this info so secretive.

I asked at the counter, knowing that they are supposed to keep this in-store because of allergy issues and such, to no avail. They claim ignorance. I attempted to reach customer service again to no avail.

I'm basically just venting here. But if someone has some way of accessing some mysterious website which lists this info, please post it!


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  1. Oy vey.

    Even if they do post the nutritional information, it's not always accurate in the end-product.

    Lets say I work there and add extra mayo sauce, ketchup and goo and don't follow the Quizno formula.

    What good would those values do you then?

    I used to work in a sub shop, and I made my sandwiches with flare! Lots more of everything. The customers loved me, but the boss hated his food cost during my shift.

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    1. re: ODB

      You make a very good point, one I never thought of. Although, there is a basic "formula" they follow to create a sub or salad, no? I.E.; 1 slice of this, 2 slices of that, 1/2 a roll, etc. So at least you can get a reasonable estimate and add/subtract from there.

      I like how Burger King and McDonalds both have menu builders - you can take off any item from a Big Mac, like no special sauce (although what's a Big Mac with no sauce LOL) for instance to get an updated value.

      But I do get your point. I did just do a "guesstimate based on my knowledge of what I know. Hence the reason for leaving off all those fattening items :-) At least I know I made a better choice and found out that it wasn't as awful as I expected it to be.


      1. re: sivyaleah

        I worked at a neighborhood deli, and everything was measured by weight. Almost got fired for not charging for extra cheese, less meat: charged usual because he was a friend of the owner but manager was not happy.
        It is not hard to measure everything down to the tinyest fraction, and the more volume you do, the more you have to do so, or go out of business.

        1. re: sivyaleah

          I was surprised that giving nutritional info wasn't required by law. I mean, McDonald's isn't making that info available because they are lovin us.

          It turns out the reason some of these places have that info available is to deflect legal action that WOULD make it a law. Here's one article on the story.

          I guess if nutritional info for large fast food chains is important to you, notify your elected officials and hope to get it into law.


          1. re: rworange

            Try requesting a calorie count at a nice sit down place.

            They'd laugh you out the door.

            1. re: ODB

              One of the very best midprice sit-down places in Nashville, Sunset Grill, has been forthcoming about their nutritional content ever since they opened...and the owner, whom we've known for a good deal longer than that, is no bleeding heart. To him, it's good sound marketing.

            2. re: rworange

              Would it be possible to write a nutritional labeling law that applied only to large chains? If it applied to every restaurant, you'd end up standarizing food across the board, and put many independents out of business.


              1. re: paulj

                Are you a lobbyist for fast food? :-)

                That is some of the noise used to detract from getting a law for nutrional info available ... small restaurants would go out of business.

                There was a bill that said any chain with more than 20 restaurants would require to make nutritional info available. Certainly by that time a business can afford to provide nutritional info. It is not the mom and pop that helped defeat that bill.

                Amazing how concerned people become for the single owner restaurant when any regulatory issues are raised. Usually it is the big chains trying to push these places out of business that play the 'hardship for small business' card.

          2. re: ODB

            A fast food chain depends on measured ingredients per standard serving to ensure its margins. Add ons are just that. But baseline, it would have to control the base serving in order to satisfy its shareholders.

            Restaurants that fail to do this, with somewhat more variation, die. You will hear Jacques Pepin chide his guests on his shows about a restaurant's imperative never to waste anything that can be served (like vegetable trimmings that can be used to make broth or purees or coulis), to improve the margin.

            1. re: ODB

              Your sandwich shop experience sounds a little like mine. I used to overload the sandwiches and get told off for it. Now I work for an office nearby and my old sandwich shop makes lunch for my meetings. It's kind of satisfying, since my old boss was horrible.

              1. re: ODB

                I worked at Burger King and did the same thing. The said to put two pickle slices, three if "Extra" pickles was ordered. I'd go to six. I always made the burgers the way I'd like them. The owner (Who owned about a dozen of them) came in to do quality control. The whopper he ordered didn't conform. He loved it. "Keep up the good work."

                As for the nutritional values at Quiznos. It's my only complaint. I was sure either the US or Canada had passed a law that it had to be produced upon request??


              2. I don't patronize the place because they don't provide the info. It's a basic form of hospitality for a chain like that, and refusal to provide means they don't want the business.

                It's not like they cannot get it; if the company has decreed the recipe amounts (which they'd need to control to make their margins), they can get the data. It's not like a custom order restaurant where there can be more variation per order.

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                1. re: Karl S

                  Exactly! Amen!
                  It will be my one and only unless I run into an equal lunch emergency.


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                  Professor Salt

                  Here's the nutrition page on their website. Found it on their site map in about 30 seconds.

                  Can the nutrition info be any lamer? However, there's a link to contact them for more info. Lots of luck in your attempt to get meaningful data.


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                  1. re: Professor Salt

                    WOW, the sodium is unbelievable, an entire days worth in one sandwich. That place certainly won't do my blood pressure any good at all. STAY AWAY!!!

                    1. re: Monty

                      You are not kidding! I've never eaten there but now I never will. One reason why they're not fond of posting their nutritional information more openly, I'm sure.

                      1. re: Monty

                        High sodium is a huge problem not just at Quizno's, or even at fast food places in general -- you probably get well more than your day's worth of sodium in one plate of food at a fancy restaurant, too.

                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                          I don't know about that , if you go somewhere where everything is house made , you will generally get far less salt than anywhere that uses canned or prepared or preserved anything . Most of Americans massive sodium intake comes from processed and preserved foodstuffs , not pasta water . As for the actual posting topic , if you decide to eat at Quizno's and their ilk , ( which I do more often than I would like to admit ) you probably don't really want to know the nutritional info of what you just ate . Whatever diet or health limitation you have or are on , you just blew it out of the water . You get nothing but celery and water for three days .

                    2. So, this robotic women told me "I'm sorry, we don't currently have the nutrition information available for anything other than our 3 basic subs".

                      I said "currently? It's been unavailable since you opened your company".

                      "I'm sorry, I've been told that we recently changed our vendor and nutrition info is just not available. I can pass your comments along to corporate"

                      For each of my questions and comments she had a very pat, prepared answer. I'm sure she had a script in front of her.

                      Big woopdeedoo. I kind of feel bad for this girl - she sounded so uninformed and down-trodden. I bet she spends her whole day taking these phone calls from irate customers like me.


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                      1. re: sivyaleah

                        I did send an email to corporate requesting their nutritional information. Wanna bet I never hear back?

                        Another reason to avoid Quiznos, and a good reason make your own, if you can. I'm not making a judgement call BTW. I'm just sick of the lack of corporate response to the consumers that support their businesses.

                        JMHO, that's all.

                        1. re: TC

                          I complained about a franchise owner to corp. because there was one employee working by herself in the evening. I thought it seemed a little risky to do that in case there was an emergency. Corp replied thanks for the comment and that if I have an issue with the franchise owner take it up with them.

                          1. re: Tracy L.

                            That basically says that the corporation is only interested in selling licenses not sandwiches.

                            I do think their sandwiches are decent and quick for days that I do not bring my lunch.

                            1. re: Tracy L.

                              For some really colorful insights into the dynamics between Quiznos corporate and a franchise, go to the This American Life website's show archives and listen to the show titled "Backed Into a Corner" (original airdate 4/15/05 -- there's an mp3 stream) -- it's the story of an employee left stranded trying to keep a Quiznos franchise running after the franchise owners abandoned it. Corporate was less than helpful.


                              1. re: jnovgirl

                                Thanks, I love This American Life. I'll check it out.

                            2. re: TC

                              For the record , there used to be a Quizno's on Woodward here in Ferndale , Mi. , on Woodward not far from my house . A few months back , my wife stopped there to pick up some subs on a crazy busy weeknight . ( My boy loves ham and cheese subs .) She waited something like 45 or 50 minutes to get four sandwiches and was told they were out of ham and she would need to order something else . And there were only two people working on a Thursday dinnertime night . She waited , ordered something else for my boy , and promply wrote a long letter to corporate the next day . Within a week the place was shut down . Now , I'm sure other people must have had problems , and it's not like I'm proud that a franchisee went away , but you can actually make things happen if you bitch politely to the right people . And before you all flame me to say that I am full of myself and probably had nothing to do with the store closing , we fielded no less than three phone calls from various people at a corporate level concerning the problems at that location .

                          2. The original comment has been removed