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May 24, 2006 12:36 AM

Oregon Pinot Noir suggestions needed

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I went to Portland in February and my friends and I brought back some Pinots to have at a future wine tasting. Well, the future is now and we are having the tasting this weekend. One friend is keeping the stash in her cellar and I misplaced my list of what we purchased, I hthink I was fuzzy headed after tasting so much wine. All of what we purchased is supposed to be hard to find in California (where we live). I'd like to purchase a couple more bottles. My friends preferred the more substantial, earthier Pinots and the group who will be tasting the wines are Zin and Syrah fans. I am interested in a very fruit foward Pinot, perhaps as a way to start the tasting. We do blind tastings so I am also looking for ideas for a ringer as well. I can spend up to about $30 a bottle. I have two high end wine shops in my neighborhood as well as a Bev Mo and World Market/Cost Plus. TJ's is close too but it is a mad house due to the holiday. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Sounds like you may have tried the Raptor Ridge PN, but if you are looking for things to put in the tasting that are as you describe, try finding Patton Valley, Van Duzer, WillaKenzie, Elk Cove, or Ponzi.

    1. I have found "Firesteed Pinot Noir" from Oregon to be excellent especially when you consider the price. Somewhere around 10 to 12 a bottle. I have found it at Bev Mo.

      1. O'Reilly's is an excellent Pinot and very good value.

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          I enthusiastically second the O'Reilly's suggestion. This is a great, fruity Pinot at a very reasonable price point (about $14).

          I am very fond of most of the wines that come from the O'Reilly's/Owen Roe/Sineann group. Not only are they very well-crafted, but their bottles are beautiful.

        2. For those that like CA Zin and Syrah, I'd recommend Archery Summit and St. Innocent. They both make very massive, tannic, highly extracted Pinot Noirs. Not my style, but they have their fans. Archery Summit is more austere (not to mention very expensive), while St. Innocent wines tend to be a bit more earthy and approachable. I've always enjoyed any Pinot made from the Freedom Hill vineyard (Bethel Heights is one, but there are others I can't presently recall that use that fruit). Domaine Drouhin and Domaine Serene are some of my other favorite producers. Rex Hill's entry level is a decent option for a relatively inexpensive OR Pinot Noir.



          1. Ah, Oregon Pinot Noir - a subject near and dear to my heart.

            If money is no object, look for one of Ken Wright's single-vineyard wines. They run about $40-$45 in Minnesota, but might be cheaper in California. I LOVE these wines!

            Maybe you could buy an inexpensive Pinot to balance out the expense of a pricy one. Last year, I fell in love with Hunter-Chaps (sp?) Pinot Noir; it's rich and fruit-forward and very yummy, and costs about $8 or $10 here. But I couldn't find it in MN, because the distributor sold out. You might have better luck in CA.

            And if you do food with your tasting, don't forget the Tillamook cheddar - it's perfect with Oregon Pinot Noir. (But any good aged cheddar will work.)

            Have fun at your tasting!