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May 4, 2006 01:44 PM

Double Yolked Eggs

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The last three dozen eggs I have purchased at two different grocery stores on three separate occasions have had double yolks. Every egg!

Any one else have this happen? Any egg experts that would like to help explain why?

Just curious.

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  1. Many times when I buy Jumbo Eggs, they'll be at least a couple with double yolks.

    Never happens when I just buy Large or Extra Large Eggs, however.

    Dunno why it happens ... twins maybe???

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    1. re: ipse dixit

      Ahhh.. young hens and Spring time, time for double yolkers. I have ten hens, 9 of whom are on their second year of laying, and one new girl. She has given us several doubles this spring with none from the older hens. I've never had a hen lay a double-yolker a day.. they're usually spaced every-other day. I did have a Cornish x White Rock hen who laid a double yolker every other day for all of her laying life (a year.. she was one of my roasting hens). Your egg source may have a whole bunch of new hens. Do you pay a premium price for those jumbos? It has been a long time since I've bought eggs.

      Yes.. the red spot and pink "white" are caused by a tiny clot of blood. I usually give those to my dogs, not that they're inedible. They seem to occur with very young layers and very old layers. It's hard to tell if a fresh egg is fertile as the little embryo spot doesn't appear unless the egg has had some warm days. We have a very active rooster and prefer fresh fertile eggs as they seem to be easier to digest.

    2. This was always a special "treat" growing up and having breakfast at my grandmother's house in central PA. She always got local farm-fresh eggs from the farmers, and once in awhile, a double-yolker would, on occasion, show up in the frying pan. Looks to be a genetic reason, based on the breed of bird.

      Are you saying EVERY egg in each dozen were double-yolkers? Lucky you! They must be jumbo or extra-large sizes.


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      1. re: Linda W.

        Thirty six eggs and counting with double yolks. I only buy jumbo eggs, but have never had this happen before. Thanks for the link! If any one has other information please let me know.

        Thanks again!

      2. Having absolutely no scientific expertise in this area, but for EVERY egg to be double yolked sounds unnatural and makes one wonder whether the hens at that egg farm are being given fertility drugs!?

        1. Young hens tend to lay double yolks...I dunno why.

          1. I buy jumbo eggs at Trader Joe's. Think they are the best around. Probably get a double yoked one about every other dozen. I mentioned to one of the check out gals one day and she said the same thing. I'd bet I hadn't seen 4 double yoked eggs in my life, now it's at least one every week or so. They eat JUST FINE!!!