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May 3, 2006 08:31 PM

Super Aged Gouda - Update

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Huge thanks to Linda W. for her suggestion of iGourmet's Dutch 'Beemster XO Double Aged Gouda' - it's been aged over 3 years and is all I was looking for & more! I think reasonable at $16.99 a pound, it is caramelly & delicious, without being sharp, and has those wonderful crystals scattered through it - just an awesome cheese & head & shoulders above any other Super Aged Gouda I've tried. Thanks again, fellow chowhound - you made me very happy tonight!

Now, any suggestions out there for wine pairing???

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  1. igourmet's shipping was pretty steep. Almost the price of the chesse. Any way around their outrageous shipping? Almost $30.00 a pound if you factor in shipping.

    1. hello, so far the best pairing I've found for a profoundly aged gouda is Graham's 20 yr tawny, but I think the right vintage port with sufficient cellaring would do as well. "conventional wisdom" is, the two styles of port are fairly different, but my proletarian palate's experience has found as much difference between Graham's and fonseca's 20 yr tawnys as between Graham's tawny and vintage port of similar age range. The Dutch do love their ports. cheers

      1. I'm glad it worked out, Torta, and that you were happy. Happy Hounds are....well, Happy Hounds! :-)

        Can't help you on the wine pairing, although moto's suggestion of a port sounds wonderful.

        1. Just for clarification... was it the double-aged for $14.99 or the triple-aged for $16.99? It sounds really interesting!

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            torta basilica

            You are right - it's the Double Aged for 3 years @ $14.99 - I don't even see the triple aged on their website... I think any more aging would make it that nasty hard sharp stuff, so I'd stick with the double!

            1. re: torta basilica

              If you click on the link, it's all the way down at the bottom of the page. It does look much harder, and I wonder if it would still have those "crystals?" That's why I wanted clarification, b/c I think I will order the double-aged! I love just regular old gouda too! Thanks for turning me on to igourmet... really cool site!


              1. re: Katie Nell
                Caitlin McGrath

                The first super-aged gouda I ever had was a five-year-old boerenkatz, and it is hard compared to a regular gouda, but not as hard as your average parmigiano reggiano. and it absolutely has the crystals (and the "butterscotch" flavor), the thing that made me fall in love with it (and I'm not even a hge gouda fan in general). Boerenkatz, incidentally, is a variety of aged gouda that's washed with brine before it's aged, which makes the little crystals somewhat salty, so they explode with flavor in your mouth like little pockets of fleur de sel. I definitely recommend trying it if you can.

          2. Gin! It was paired up with a gin cocktail at Allen Katz's gin & cheese seminar at Murray's in NYC. I'm sorry I forget at the moment which cocktail. But I have enjoyed with a martini.

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              Chilled genever or a port would be great accompaniments.