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May 2, 2006 12:00 PM

Where to get Ginger Chews?

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Hi Hounds,

A friend has strongly recommended Ginger Chews for preventing sea-sickness, particularly in children.

Anyone know where I might get these in New York City? Or elsewhere?


- Sean

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  1. they sell them at Trader Joes on 14th St. You can also find comparable ones in chinatown markets for less.

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    1. re: sashimi

      Candied ginger works just as well though is prob less portable. They sell that at my local bodega or any health food store.

    2. The Whole Foods by my house has them in their bulk section.

      1. Ginger Chews are available over the internet, use Google.

        Many Japanese style food stores will sell candied ginger, probably ~$2 for a 8-12 oz bag. Many saltwater fishing related stores will sell Braid's Sailor's Secret, ~$8-10/box.

        One of my fishing buddys uses candied ginger for seasickness, seems to work every time. Every time he eats candied ginger on the boat, he gets sick.

        I often get sea sick: my best fix is a combo of the "patch" and the Relief Band. I also start off the day with a banana and a glass of orange juice, just in case I get sick.

        Some of my fishing buddys are getting scopolamine in tablet form (the trans derm patch is also scopolamine), tablet form can be difficult to find and some physicians are not aware of it.

        Based on my experience and those I fish with, scopolamine works the best. I have tried most of the pills (dramamine/bonnine), even one from Mexico (Sturgeon Forte), ginger, pressure bands, the electric band, and the patch.

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        1. re: Alan408

          well, it doesn't answer the OPs question, but drinking orange juice before going on a boat may be a bad idea. I spend a lot of time on boats, and while I am not prone to seasickness, hubby is, and everything I've read about avoiding it advises against anything acidic in the am or even the night before. Try drinking water instead (dehydration can also encourage the onset of seasickness) and see if your tendency lessens!

        2. j
          janet of reno

          I have seen them at our local Raley's grocery, but if nothing else you can almost always find them at Asian markets, especially Japanese. Just as effective (although maybe not as palatable to some) is candied ginger, also available in any grocery store. Ginger IS very effective against seasickness, at least according to my husband, who swears by it when he goes fishing (I don't get seasick). He likes it better than the scopolamine patch. BTW, I would be very wary of the scopolamine pill. It would be very easy to overdose. Also, remember that scopolamine dilates the eyes. If you touch the patch that is why you must always be careful to thoroughly wash your hands afterwards. If you were to take it orally, I would think it would be difficult to avoid some dilation. (Some people are more sensitive to this than others. I have seen folks who had very dilated eyes from wearing a scopolamine patch a couple of days after they removed it. Remember that it can also affect near vision as well. My advice: stick with the ginger! Its better for you....)

          1. do you have Cost Plus World Market stores there? I got some there a couple of months ago.