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Apr 30, 2006 07:18 PM


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I'm looking for a source (online/mail order) for a candy called creme filberts, a.k.a., moth balls. It's a whole filbert coated in fondant and panned to a dull white exterior. I recall them as being pretty hard.

I haven't seen these for years and would dearly love to find them again. I've googled, to no result. I've also looked on the retro-candy websites.

Anybody seen these? Anybody even remember them??

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  1. Oh WOW!

    I used to sell those when I worked in a candy store back in the 70's.

    If anyone has them I bet the Vermont Country Store does.

    1. My mother used to make those for the holidays. If you'd like, I'll see if she still has a recipe for them and pass it along.

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        Yes, please. I'd love to try to make them.

        You could post the recipe or email it to me directly.


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          Brief note: If you can get the recipe, please post it on the Home Cooking board, where everything related to cooking is discussed. You can post a note here, if you like, directing folks to the recipe. Thanks!

          Link: http://www.chowhound.com/boards/cooki...

        2. Just check Vermont Country Store.

          Sadly, they don't have them.

          1. There is a candy store in Kittery Maine called Yummys that has all kinds of old fashined candy that you will not find elsewhere. I am sure they have a website or you can get their phone # through information. If they do not have these, I doubt you will find them anywhere. There ads say more than 10,000 candies on display. It is an amazing place.

            1. I found them here: http://www.nashvillecandy.com/crfimba...
              Also, someone gave me a box of candy today from WalMart that had them in it. I won't say they're safe (Made in China candy?), but they're good.