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Apr 30, 2006 01:40 PM

Who has wonderful TEA to order online?

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I am searching for really good green teas - Chinese and Japanese - to order, probably online. Has anyone had really great experience with this?

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  1. Imperial Tea Court in San Francisco is a great place for tea and they have a wonderful website. My brother and I have both ordered tea from these folks and the service has be great.

    Here's the link:


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    1. re: Nancy Berry

      THAT IS, "The service has been great."

      1. re: Nancy Berry

        Thanks! I appreciate this suggestion!

        1. re: lmn

          I really like mighty leaf. they have loose, or put the loose in bags. check it out. Not online, I have recently been purchasing it at Teavana.


          1. re: pamd

            Thanks...and I like Mighty Leaf teas, also. I recently purchased several boxes at Bristol Farms, and the silk tea bags are so ... lady-like and elegant! Their tea is good, also. I especially like the Jasmine and the Tropical Green Teas.

            1. re: pamd


              You gave the link:


              But a quick google search gives


              The two websites are different - the content is similar but not identical (different descriptions, some items are available on one but not the other).

              Any idea which is "correct"?

              O.k. so maybe I'm paranoid but I fear one is perhaps a clever fishing site.


              1. re: Boris

                that's interesting. the one I've tried is because I actually got the website right off of the tea bag cover when I have it in one of my favorite restaurants. I've only tried the green.

        2. re: Nancy Berry

          In our area, Whole Foods will sometimes carry Mighty Leaf Tea - but not all the types. We also shop at
          They have good prices and super fast shipping ! Mighty Leaf has excellent quality teas - try the Green Tea Tropical.
          Enjoy - All Healthy Living

        3. r
          Robert Lauriston

          There's nothing you can get online that you can't get locally, which has the big advantage that you can taste a pot before you buy in bulk. Far Leaves, Imperial Tea Court, Samovar, Teance.

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston
            Robert Lauriston

            Oops, sorry, thought I was on the SF Bay Area board. But they're all online vendors as well:


            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Thanks...This is very helpful! I will check out these various sites that you have suggested.

          2. Upton. Extensive catalogue. Great website. Good prices. Fast service.
            One nice thing about Upton is that they sell, for real cheap, little sample
            packs of each of their teas, which is really useful at the high end
            so you can try out the real expensive ones without committing to
            a real expense.


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            1. re: Jef

              Thanks, Jef...this is confirmation for me because they were first on my tea list. I have seen previous posts about them and I have been wanting to order from them. I, too, like the idea of the sample sizes because I do not like to commit to the huge quantities unless I am sure! Thanks, again!

              1. re: lmn

                Someone rec'd to me on these boards a few years ago and I have been very happy with them. Fast service, excellent quality, good turnover, and low prices.

                1. re: JudiAU

                  Thanks, JudiAU. I have read you for a long while on these boards (I think we live and travel the same geography), so your word has a great deal of credibility with me! I will definitely try Upton...perhaps some small packets at first.

            2. is the best I have found. I totally live on their Green Tea Powder. It is an antioxidant BOMB!

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              1. re: Just Larry

                Teabay is new to me, so thanks! I will check it out soon. I, too, live on green tea all day!

              2. Since you are looking for high-end Chinese and Japanese green teas, let me direct you to the ItoEn website. It is a high-end Japanese tea store here in NYC. I have tasted and bought tea in the store, and they are highly professional and selective (and a little expensive).

                Also the website has good preparation and history tips, in the section called About Tea.


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                1. re: Pupster

                  Yes, I do know this company. I drink their green tea from the bottle all the time, and I have seen their loose-leaf teas in packages in some of the Asian markets that I frequent in Los Angeles. However, I have never bought their loose-leaf packets, so I will search their website for these. Thanks for this info.