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Apr 30, 2006 12:40 PM

Raspberry lime-rickey

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What is the origin of raspberry lime-rickey? Especially interested where it originated? Boston? New England?

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    I'm not sure, all I know is that it was THE summer drink when I was growing up in Massachusetts.

    To make one, fill a tall glass with plain seltzer water, add a spoonful of raspberry syrup (we used a brand called Zarex, don't know if they make it anymore), and then squeeze half a fresh lime in the glass. Then add the squeezed half a lime (if it is small), or just a piece of lime. Stir.

    Bottoms up.

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      Raspberry ZaRex is still produced, but hard to find. I found it sporadically at Stop & Shop (they seem to have fruit punch flavor - no substitite!) for a while but it was more hit than miss, so I wound up calling the distributor last summer (One Pie Canning in West Paris, Maine). THEY directed me to the Northeast food broker that handles, who gave me a list of stores to try. I called around without too much success, but a woman at the MarketBasket supermarket in Framingham, Massachusetts offered to order it for me (they were great; even followed up with a phone call when it came in; took about a week). So I am now the proud owner of a case of Raspberry ZaRex. You can't have any, but I WILL work for limes......

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        You son of a gun... well done!

    2. You might contact AJ Stephans which bottles old time New England (and other) drinks including a raspberry lime-ricky.

      The link below with a 1998 Boston Globe article might have the answer, but I'm having problem with Adobe right now and can't bring it up on my screen.


      1. I remember it from when almost every block in NYC had a candy/smoke store sponsored either by a cigar company (Optimo, Dutch Masters, etc.) or the Louis Sherry ice cream company. At the marble soda fountain counter you could sit at a stool and order a cherry/lime-rickey made with the red syrup, seltzer from the fountain with a freshly squeezed lime. I never heard anybody order a raspberry one. As long as they had any red syrup, that's what you got.

        1. in the Boston area there was a wonderful ice cream parlor called Bailey's that served wonderful lime rickeys and rasberry lime rickeys. There was one in downton Boston and one in Wellesley MA.

          1. In the 60's our favorite fountain drink was a Cherry-Lime-Rickey, served at Dolores' drive-in, on Wilshire Blvd., just West of La Cienega, in Beverly Hills. It was torn down years ago, but another one remained out toward Santa Monica. Not sure if it's still there.