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Apr 28, 2006 05:16 PM

Flying with cheese

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I've bought myself some fine cheese to take on holiday. Problem is, including transit time, the cheese will be out of a fridge for 20 hours. Any suggestions on the best way to carry it? I'm taking it in my hand luggage. I suppose dry ice will just freeze it? It's all relatively hard cheese: cheddar, oka and a hardish blue cheese. Or should I just carry it, and hope for the best?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



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  1. I dunno about airplane rules and ice packs, but they so sell insulated bags that will hold things cold for a few hours... better than nothing I suppose...



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      California Sunshine

      We fly all the time with a small insulated bag containing a "blue ice" pack (frozen) in our carryon, and have never had a problem. It sure makes for a nice breakfast or lunch of cheese, veggies and fruit! This might work for you.

    2. Dunno about your bleu (or how fragrant it is) but I think hard cheddar will do just fine for the duration of any concievable flight without refrigeration.

      1. Don't worry about it -- hard cheeses don't need to be refrigerated, and soft cheeses can be out of the fridge for quite a while before they start to deteriorate. A fragrant cheese will become more fragrant, though, so you might want to consider the people around you.

        1. Thanks Chowhounders! A small ice pack it is, to be safe.


          1. I took a block of Cabot's Seriously Sharp Cheddar to London last month, unrefrigerated. Kept it in my hotel room to snack on with crackers and fruit. Brought the remains home a week later, still unrefrigerated, still delicious. No problem. I remember fifty years ago the local general store had a huge block of rat cheese behind the meat counter that was left out unrefrigerated for weeks. I suppose it's all that salt that keeps it from spoiling.