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Apr 25, 2006 06:09 PM

Interesting thing I heard about super-aged Gouda

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So my friend remembers a cheese from when she went to Wellesley. Maybe other hounds can help me out...

It was an aged Gouda. She says it was aged for something like three years. The most distinctive thing she can remember about the cheese is that it was incredibly buttery and has little sugar crystals in it. She doesn't know how or why the sugar crystals form, or if they're put in there by the cheese maker.

Anyone? This sounds incredibly interesting, and I'd never heard of anything like it. I took her to Cowgirl Creamery in San Francisco and all they had was a Gouda that had been aged one year. Good, but not even close according to my friend.

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  1. Gouda is my Mom's fav cheese. When a relative or friend comes from Holland (where Mom is from) they always bring her some aged Gouda. I love it when she shares it and your friend is right, it is very, very creamy and does have some crystals in it. I don't think it's sugar, but comes from the long aging process. I have been lucky a few times and found a very good aged Gouda at T.J. but, they don't always carry it. I would think a fine cheese shop would also carry a long aged gouda or even a local cheese maker---and maybe even your local T.J.

    1. not sure if they have it, but try Artisan cheese - they sell on line - They age the cheeses they purchase - so not sure about the gouda, but I have had it in Europe and agree that the crystals aren't sugar but from the aging process. Rather like a good quality parmesan that also has the crystals.

      1. Whole Foods carries as does Trader Joes occasionally. You can also find it my local speciality foods shops. My husband is addicated. I like it but can eat more than a bite or two. Very rich.

        1. Hello noodles, you are talking about one of my favorite types of cheese. One example recently I've enjoyed, perhaps it didn't have the sugar crystallised, but it sure has a toffee character to it, flavor and texture. Great palate interplay pairing it with port. I purchased it at Farmstead cheese in Alameda in that nice marketplace on Park St.(the butcher there has a locker for dry-aging meats, if you're into that).
          I saw a 3 yr. old gouda--it was over $20/lb. so I passed-- just last week at a Mollie Stone's (San Mateo), so if you're near one in SF you might check them. cheers

          1. Aged gouda is one of the finest cheeses in the world. I don't think I've ever known anyone who didn't like it. The 3-year is great, but a 5-year, which has a drier and more crumbly texture and sharper flavor, is even better (if you can find it). A similar cheese from France is mimolette - but I prefer the gouda. Aged gouda will be coated in black wax vs. the red wax that's traditional for the basic gouda. The crystals are definitely not sugar - I believe they're calcium or some calcium compound that forms as the cheese ages.